dc-post-new-52The New 52 is dead. Long live the New 52 (sorta)!

Earlier today, DC Comics announced that following this spring’s Convergence event their entire line-up will be overhauled and a bold new direction for the comic company will begin, one focused on diversity, accessibility, and every other buzzword comic book companies use to describe major shake-ups such as this.

Still, when you look into the details it seems that DC might have some method to this madness. Fresh talent working with long time veterans. Bestselling fan-favorite series will be joined by a very interesting (and surprising) list of new titles. (more…)

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House Lannister of Casterly Rock might be one of the Great Houses of Westeros, but they don’t hold a candle to Mario and the House of Nintendo’s throne of game consoles. Aaron Jasinski made this beautiful parody piece of the original Game of Thrones promotional pic, we can’t wait to see him do a painting of Kirby in full Tyrion armor slapping Joffrey like a bitch. [Janinski Art]

Hit the Jump for Wolverine vs. Darth Maul, an epic Star Trek group piece and MOAR!

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Above: Starting things off with Steven Moffat and Benedict Cumberbatch posing with “The Avengers” at Marvel Studios. Why? Because I can. Check out Comic Book Movie for more from their visit.


When it comes to DC and their cartoons most people will always sing the praise of those properties considered part of the DC Animated Universe, or Timmverse after the style of Bruce Timm. This is the world which began with Batman the Animated Series and continued through, and ended, with Justice League Unlimited. It’s also where voice actors Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tim Daly, etc. got their start voicing their iconic, comic book alter egos.

But what of those toons not part of the illustrious DCAU? There have been a few duds, The Batman comes to mind, but there have been hits, too. Recently Batman: The Brave and The Bold brought a fresh and campy spin to the Dark Knight, and of course there was the anime-inspired Teen Titans which introduced a bunch of new character to fans, young and old.

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven are back in an all new series of shorts that will air on Cartoon Network‘s networks new Saturday morning block, DC Nation. Watch a clip below,

I love it! The original voice actors are back and these new, chibi designs are adorable.

DC Nation premieres March 3rd at 10am on Cartoon Network.

Source: IGN via Comic Book Movie

After taking heat a few months back for a few overly sexualized panels, it looks like DC Comics is under fire again for for putting too much hanky panky in the funny books. This time it’s via the ever fair and balanced newsies at FOX News. An affiliate in Washington D. C. recently ran an overly sensationalized story about the edgey make-over the company gave its line, complete with nauseatingly cheesey sound bites.

“Today’s comic superheroes would make Archie and Veronica blush,” said reporter Sherry Ly in the voice over that kicked off the story, meant to put the fear into parents everywhere. Fingering the new sex-kitten version of Starfire and that one time Batman and Catwoman did it on a rooftop as examples of graphic sex being exposed toyoung minds. Oh don’t get me wrong, she also flashed through a few panels to highlight the dark violent scenes depicted in the books.

Ly then takes to the street to find a clip of the everyman style, “They more or less darkened the characters up. Today, they introduce a lot more reality into it like homosexuality, adultery, all that stuff. It’s in the books now.” To make this really stick, you’re going to need a child psychologist, right?

Enter Neil Bernstein. “It’s sort of like fictionalized Playboy for kids at its worst,” he said. “It’s a misrepresentation of reality. It sends the wrong message.” Oh my stars! “I think too many kids would be put in harm’s way or at risk” he adds.

Won’t someone please think of the children?

To cap off the story and make sure parents everywhere know their kids are at risk, the reporter then takes the news van to a school, and starts exposing children to the comic books in question. Yes that’s right, she does a story about the risks of kids getting exposed to these comics and then goes and exposes kids that aren’t suppose to be reading the books anyway since they are clearly marked for teen and up. Something she even points out.

Welcome to ‘Seduction of the Innocent: Part 2, the boobening’. I know I might sound a little less fair and or balanced myself here, but I hate this type of journalism. Yes, when DC launched the new 52 they did spice it up a little, hell I even pointed out that I thought it was a bit blatant if not gratuitous in places. I did enjoy when Bernstein questions the ads in the comics for things like milk and LEGO’s, clearly put there to entice children to decadent and depraved lifestyles. Yes, lure them in with the running shoe ads, kids love running shoes.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the whole thing comes off as senseless fear mongering. Yes, you don’t want kids being exposed to improper material at the wrong age. We also don’t want people in general being exposed to the irresponsible journalism like this. As a life long reader of comic books I found this news story to be lacking, as a father I found it insulting. The books are marketed towards an older age, there are books (like Tiny Titans, which is still awesome btw) geared to the younger demos.

 You can see the report for yourself after the jump, but I warn you… if a child sees this, they might turn into a serial killer, or worse a FOX news employee.


The last new comics Wednesday for DC’s “New 52” has come to pass and a few things hit Twitter of note.

Over the past month a small storm has been brewing, a storm called BOOBGATE (by me.) A slough of the new titles have upped the level of T&A to a bit of an extreme; Batwoman’s lesbian undies, Catwoman’s boobs and Bat banging, and of course, transforming Starfire into a dead eyed Realdoll™. That last one seems to be the sticking point for many, and I have to agree… in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, all she really did was announce that she has no short term memory and is a go’er, know what I mean? wink wink, nudge nudge. If you missed it, you can read a rather astute and totally sober review HERE < / self plug >. DC Comics turned to Twitter to finally respond to claims that they are running rampant with the sexy party and condemnation for reducing a popular Teen Titan to nothing more than a Fleshlight: