Grim fantasy. Now there’s a term most nerds never expected to make it into the mainstream. By the early 00’s, if you ever told a fantasy nerd that the dark and pessimistic Song Of Ice And Fire would become a mega-hit series and make mainstream incest jokes a thing, you’d have been laughed off every convention but now, with Game Of Thrones ready to break new ground (what with the Song Of Winter‘s irrevocable delay) everyone is waiting for Season 6 to take the biggest narrative leap of faith yet! At least, if the recently released teaser is anything to go by…


New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Casting News

There’s some interesting Game of Thrones casting news coming from Winteriscoming. The word is that two important characters from Daenerys’ growing entourage have been cast.

First up is the role of Daario Naharis, the talented swordsman and mercenary captain of the Stormcrows. British musician and actor Ed Skrein (Pictured below) has landed the role. Daario is a smooth talking, swaggering sell-sword that loves attention and glory. He captures the attention of Daenerys and one can imagine how Jorah will feel about that.

The second is none other than the role of Grey Worm, captain of the Unsullied (Army of slave, eunuch soldiers raised from a young age and trained unquestioning obedience orders and rigid martial prowess. They are used as guards all over the Free Cities.). This role has been given to Jacob Anderson (pictured below). You may have seen Anderson in Adulthood, Chatroom, Episodes and Skins.

This NeredBastard is excited to see any Game of Thrones casting news simply because of the enjoyment of matching the actor casting to the character from the book. Both these casting choices make sense. What do you think about the choice of these two actors? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

‘Game of Thrones’ – Choose Your House

HBO’s Game of Thrones has it’s own version of “March Madness Bracket Fever” with the introduction of the following house videos. It’s time to gather your forces, form your battle lines, and choose sides.

Will your choice be one made because of honor, greed, simple survival, or perhaps love or lust? Perhaps you plan to straddle the game and play the Unuch or the run your own dangerous game as Littlefinger. It matters not, all will have to take sides as the game progresses.  

Season two of the Game of Thrones start April first on HBO


Those poor Starks from the north. Not only do they live in the shittiest, coldest, most barren part of the Seven Kingdoms but they’re constantly at odds with everyone else. Lannisters. Arryns. Baratheons. Greyjoys. Even the one surviving Targaryen spits at the sound of their name. (At least they’re not Freys, amirite?)

And I guess we’ll add HBO to the list of Stark-haters because check out this new teaser poster for season two of Game of Thrones. It’s below the cut, ’cause, well, it’s extremely spoilery if you haven’t finished season one.