starring adam west


In the same mode as other nerd icon documentaries like To Be Takei and Birth of the Living Dead, we now get Starring Adam West. Now if you’re thinking, “So what? He was the lame Batman from the lame 1960s Batman TV series,” you’ve clearly never been to a con and seen this man pack them in to standing room only capacity. Needless to say, Adam West didn’t always feel that love. There were some pretty lean years between Batman and Family Guy‘s Mayor West. But now, it seems, West is ready to talk about the totality of his career: the good, the Bat, and the ugly.


I’m sure many of you would be surprised to know television icon, Adam West does not currently have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Outrageous!

But guess what? We could help get him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Micky Mouse and Lassie have stars, how the hell doesn’t Adam West have one!?! Watch the clip below from the in production documentary, Starring Adam West. Filmmaker James Tooley has been documenting the personal and public moments of Adam’s life for the passed two years. With a particular focus on the campaign by Adam’s friends and family to get him a star on the Walk of Fame. You can donate to their Kickstarter project to help finish the documentary and hopefully win over theĀ Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. There are 9 days left to donate from $1 to $1,000 and all donations are appreciated. I’m sure a few “nicely” worded letters to the Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Recently Palm Springs has honored Adam with a star of their own but getting one on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is what really counts. The Walk of Fame is for icons, and whose more iconic than Adam West?!

Adam West has been working in television for over 50 years. In that period he’s played a lot of characters but none more iconic than Batman. In the 1960s television series Adam West played Batman as classy, campy, cool and with enough sincerity the entire nation was tuning in. This series is what turned Batman into an American icon, it’s this series that elevated Batman to the popularity levels of Superman, hell, even surpassing the Man of Steel. Christopher Nolan‘s dark and gritty take on the Dark Knight wouldn’t be happening if the 60s Batman wasn’t a hit. How did the industry thank Adam West for this? By punishing him with years of typecasting, terrible roles in less than spectacular B movies and forcing him to take on ridiculous gigs at circuses and carnivals where’d he appear in the cowl and be shot from a cannon. All of this just so he could feed his family! One of televisions greatest stars and he was relegated to a joke.