Stefano Caselli


We first talked about Riri Williams and her reverse engineered Iron Man armor back in May, now it is official. Williams, the 15-year-old mechanical genius that dropped out of MIT after building her own Iron Man armor from scrounged parts around the University, will become Iron Man when Tony Stark decides to step back after the events of Civil War II. Brian Bendis and artist Stefano Caselli will relaunch Invincible Iron Man #1 with Riri Williams as the gal in the Iron suit. (more…)


Relativity Television is developing a television series based on Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli‚Äôs comic book horror series Hack/Slash. Adrian Askarieh and Ray Ricord are producing and have brought in writer Skip Woods (A Good Day To Die Hard, Swordfish) to handle the scripting duties. Where this new series might end up is still a good question, regular network, cable, premium channel, Netflix or some other streaming service, along with all the new gaming systems trying to build streaming networks. (more…)