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POW! The Arrow-verse To Meet Batwoman in Gotham

In Detective Comics #233 (July 1956) a new character joined the pantheon of characters.  DC introduced a female counterpart to Batman, Batwoman.  Originally created to be a love interest for Batman who had a utility purse instead of the belt Batman wore.  She had weapons disguised as feminine products such as lipstick, compacts, charm bracelets and hairnets.  The character was removed from the series when Batgirl/Barbara Gordon was created.  But Kathy Kane would return to the comics, and now it looks like she’ll be coming to TV screens too.


On Arrow, Oliver Queen has had 5 years in Lian Yu to prepare himself to be physically and mentally capable of “saving the city.” Being a vigilante who willingly takes on criminals, metahumans, dark magic powered warlords, and even aliens, he’s gotta be in tip top shape to do so. As a result, actor Stephen Amell is known for his physical prowess. We’ve all seen him use the Salmon Ladder, which is no easy feat even for regular stuntmen to use. In addition to performing most of his own stunts on Arrow and the other DC TV shows within the “Arrowverse,” the actor has appeared in WWE Raw and even performed on their pay-per-view Summerslam event where he performed in a tag team event. Sure, wrestling is “fake,” but the stunts are real and Amell gives 110% in all his physical activities.



For the past four years, Stephen Amell has been the face of Arrow. Donning a mask across his eyes and a hood tugged low over his face, he takes the character of the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen into all new adventures in the live action CW adaptation of the Green Arrow comic books. Brooding, troubled and fiercely protective of the things he holds dear – his city, his family, his friends – Oliver Queen is the hero that watches over Starling City with honour in his heart and his bow and arrow always close to hand. (more…)


According to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) there are no rules in Superhero Fight Club. The CW superhero lineup that includes Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow are about to hit television screens everywhere next week with a four punch lineup that would make any network proud. Superhero Fight Club helps tie all those series together in a fun way and the video is simply delightful. Each series might have its ups and downs, but when those series merge together, it is magical. (more…)


There’s only a week to go until Arrow returns to the CW on October 5th. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is back along with a slew of new heroes dying to make a difference in Star City. The new trailer just hit the Internet and it promises a lot of action in season five, along with a ton of new characters on both sides of the law including an evil looking Dolph Lundgren. Check out the trailer below. (more…)

Stephen Amell Teases Arrow Season 5 on Twitter

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Production on the fifth season of CW’s Arrow has begun, as confirmed by the show’s executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who teased fans with a shot of the script from the season’s first episode on July 5th. The episode titled ‘Legacy’ may imply some rather heavy themes not only in the sense of the story, but also the show’s production itself. During a Q&A session on June 26th at the Heroes & Villains FanFest in Secaucus, N.J., Amell was quoted as saying, “The first two episodes [of Season 5] refocuses us on what the core mission of the show should be, and that to me is very exciting,” this is in reference to the series straying from it’s ‘street hero’ roots during the last two seasons, which had some fans complaining. Now it seems season 5 will grant them their wish, and Stephen has given us our first sneak peek.



In case you haven’t seen it, we’ll start this off spoiler-less. In the season finale of The Flash, Barry Allen did something that not only will affect the future of The Flash, but will likely affect the future of the other DC Comics shows on the CW as well. But since Barry’s recklessness in May, we have yet to hear why or how, or even if, there will be an impact on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow. Perhaps we will have to wait until October to know for certain, but Green Arrow himself, actor Stephen Amell, recently told a gathering of nerds that yes, “Flashpoint” will affect Arrow as well.  (more…)

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Love it or hate it, the folks at Warner Bros. have decided that there is no way in hell they’ll be mixing the television incarnation of the DC Universe with the big-screen version of it. Even though plenty of folks out there would love to see Grant Gustin donning the tights of The Flash or Stephen Amell making an appearance as The Green Arrow, it just ain’t happening. Funny thing is, Amell has recently commented on who he would play if he did get a chance to join up with the cinematic DCU, given his exemption from playing his most well-known role. Scroll on to find out the answer to this riddle. (more…)


Let’s be honest, it’s been a while since Arrow has enjoyed the complete faith and adulation of fans. Through season three and four, the show felt like it had lost its way, and although some progress was made last year into getting the show back on track, it’s still got a long way to go before returning to the season two highs of the show. Well forget season two, how about getting back to the show’s season one promise and its gritty realism? Well, if series star Stephen Amell is to be believed, that’s the intention of the upcoming season five and the introduction of its new villain. (more…)

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Shared universes. In comic books, it helps maintain continuity and allow for superheroes to be aware of one another and become involved, if need be. It’s the cornerstone of having a universe-wide event that spans across many, or all, of the titles the publisher produces. But the concept of multiple universes, or multiverses, may be too much for a non-comic book reader to grasp. The CW’s ‘The Flash’ has done a great job at explaining different universes existing, such as Earth 2, where it shows similarities to the world you know, a universe running parallel if you will, but with some deviations that define it as a different world. A shared universe would be better received by ALL fans, regardless of comic book knowledge, and would make for compelling scenarios both of the small screen and the big. But a number of actors have expressed their frustrations at their not being included in the film properties’ plans. The latest to speak up? ‘Arrow’s Willa Holland. (more…)