Stephen Hawking

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‘Big Bang Theory’ Adds Another Big Guest

Doctor Sheldon Cooper for the win!

The esteemed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has been confirmed as a guest star on the April 4th episode of The Big Bang Theory according to EW. Big claps and Arsenio-era Dog Pound “Woof Woofs” to EW, but I’m pretty sure Leonard Nimoy scooped them via the twitter, when he wrote “Spock on Big Bang Theory on 3/29. Stephen Hawking the following week. Logical. LLAP” yesterday afternoon. LLAP, of course stands for Live Long and Prosper, and if you didn’t know that you sicken me to the core of my being.

As for the episode, no details are being released so the forces of nature demand that we speculate, so with that said — who else thinks Dr. Cooper will take umbrage with something in The Grand Design and storm off thanks to his indefatigable sense of superiority? Who else hopes Dr. Hawking puts him in his place? I see a lot of hands raised, and that should trouble you since I am in your computer.

Source: EW

EDITORS NOTE: Article written by Nerd Bastards contributor Jason Tabrys