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GI Joe Rise of Cobra

So wait…the first one didn’t get critically acclaimed (which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t have an audience), but they’re still gonna make another?  That’s Hollywood for ya.  So it’s no surprise that G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is getting a sequel.  Recently, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner commented on the sequel project saying,

“It’s in the works! We have a really good script and we’re right now talking to a number of directors,”

When asked if the director search officially puts original helmer Stephen Sommers out of the running, Goldner replied:

“I don’t know if I can comment. I don’t know if the studio has commented yet. But we’re certainly talking to some people.”

So since Rise of Cobra director, Stephen Sommers has been given the boot who would possibly direct the sequel??  Well a few names that have been thrown around in the rumor mill are, F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job) and John M. Chu, the man, the myth, the legend who brought us, Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber biopic for Paramount.

For those of you out there wondering “should I catch on the back story to get ready for the sequel?”  Fear not!  Goldner also alluded to this film being it’s own entity commenting,

“In many ways, it’ll be great for the people who saw the first one, but you don’t need to have studied every element of the first one to enjoy the second. We’ve made sure that that’s the case.”

However, before worrying about if the sequel will be any good shouldn’t the main concern be knowing who will direct this beast?  Afterall, knowing IS half the battle! I just hope they show it in 3D!

Source: ComicBookMovie, HollywoodNews


Back in April of last year, we got news that Stephen Sommers was returning to direct a sequel of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. While most of us just pushed that news away because of how the first one turn out, the only good news that we got out of it was that Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were writing the script for the sequel.

Well folks, it seems that now Sommers will not be returning as the LA Times website reported this:

“Those who were on the fence about the filmmaker can unhook themselves: After reports this summer that Sommers would be returning to direct a planned sequel, it looks like he won’t be doing that after all. Two agents who represent other filmmakers have said they’d recently been approached about their clients coming on to helm the movie and were told that Sommers would not be getting behind the camera. Paramount declined to comment.”

Does this news give us hope that maybe the sequel will be much closer to G.I. Joe that we all know and love or do you think we’ll have another popcorn action movie where you’ll have to turn your brain off to enjoy? So with that, who would you like to direct the sequel and bring to life the script that is being written by the Zombieland writers.



So hey, that director from the first live action Joe movie is returning. Stephen Sommers (The Mummy 1&2, Van Helsing) must have done something right to be able to come back after hearing many horror stories of the post production the film had to go through because of how the studio didn’t have faith in it. Now, some (let’s be honest, ALL) of you might be asking why you should care about the second live action Joe film, well, the writers of the film are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Yes, the writers that gave us Zombieland has written a draft that has been approved recently.

Now with a second chance, do y’all think that Sommers will do justice with the sequel or did he blew his chance with the first one? C’mon, the man did bring us The Scorpion King.

Source: /Film