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Ever since realizing that people who buy video games also buy other things, Hollywood has been eager to get its greasy mitts all over that elusive gaming dollar. The only problem? With a couple of exceptions, games based on films are usually awful. The solution, you would have thought, would be to pick on a game with cinematic visuals, strong characters and a good, simple storyline to explore. Or you could pick a game with no plot at all, no characters and where everything is comprised of blocks. There is a lot of cocaine in Hollywood. Hence; Minecraft: The movie, an exciting if not mystifying project that just announced its first cast member.



Those Masters-of-The-Evening-News are back for another round in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and their hair is perfect, just like Prince Adam’s. The main cast returns with the notable additions of Kristen Wiig, Harrison Ford, and Megan Good. There are also a ton of cameos too long to list.

It’s all there, the over the top humor, the stylish hair and clothes, and OH YEAH, the news. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits theater screens on December 20th, 2013.

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Harrison Ford Joins ‘Anchorman 2’ Cast


Paramount Pictures announced today the addition of Harrison Ford to the cast of Will Ferrell‘s long awaited Anchorman 2. Ford will play a legendary newscaster (Think Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather) in the comedy. Ford’s got a lot on his plate after wrapping up shooting on Ender’s Game, he’ll be reprising his role as Han Solo in whatever Star Wars movie the franchise gets going, and if Ender’s Game is a hit there’s the distinct possibility of a couple more movies in that franchise.

Can Ford stand up to the comedic skills of his fellow cast mates? Will FerrellSteve CarellPaul RuddChristina Applegate,  David Koechner, and Kristen Wiig are certainly going to bring their comedic “A” game to the movie. The sequel should be just as wacky as the original with Ferrell and McKay having written the screenplay.

The plot details on Anchorman 2 are still unclear and no one on the production is talking or even hinting at what the story might entail. I’m sure there will be lots of national news programs getting roasted and there could be a number of news people cameos peppered throughout the film.

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Is this the Long, Slow Death of ‘The Office’?

Picking an apt exit point always seems like a challenge as the end draws near for a TV show. Some jump too soon, some get pushed, and some linger long after their expiration, reeking like a forgotten Easter egg.

The Office is not there yet, but after a disappointing 8th season (in terms of execution and numbers), it is getting a little ripe, and today’s news of a possible “reboot” certainly doesn’t bode well for a rebound.

From Nellie Andreeva over at

Word is that The Office executive producer Greg Daniels, who originally developed the American version of the cult British comedy, is mulling a reboot of the series, now in its eighth season. Daniels is expected to meet with NBC brass to lay out his idea for The Office 2.0, which I hear would feature existing characters as well as new ones.

Is it me, or does that sound, well, a bit benign? Daniels isn’t exactly an interloper, he knows what can make the show great, and maybe the show could use a slight shakeup, the key word being slight.

The trouble is, Andreeva goes on to report that contract negotiations with stars and busy film actors John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and (less so) B.J. Novak are at a stand-still and the shows biggest star, Ed Helms‘ deal is in question too. Add that to the fact that Rainn Wilson is gearing up to leave along with current show-runner Paul Lieberstein (Toby) for the planned Dwight-centric spin-off The Farm, and Mindy Kaling may leave for her own, non-Office related show, and one has to wonder which existing cast members will remain? Not James Spader, he’s leaving too, and that means we could be talking about a whole lot of empty desks next season and a show that revolves around the reliably un-encumbered accounting department.

Now, The Office has always been an ensemble show and that’s why it didn’t entirely implode when Steve Carell left, because of Helms, Krasinski, Wilson, Craig Robinson, and secondary cast members like Angela Kinsey, and Brian Baumgartner. It’s their presence and talent, but more than that, it’s their chemistry that has kept the show afloat through the last few years and the horribly bungled introduction of Spader‘s “Robert California”. You remember Robert California right? All misplaced confidence, creepy pseudo-eroticism and bravado, a beast that walked above everyone he encountered? That was a character that could have elevated the show, but instead he only provided cover for producers as they clumsily tried to plug Helms into Carell‘s evacuated space, disappeared (not the fault of the writers, most likely) and then returned to loose all potential as Catherine Tate‘s “Nellie” began to rise in prominence and he wilted in her presence.

Speaking of Tate, she’s been the best part of this down season because, unlike Helms, she actually reminds us of the moronic weasel that Michael Scott was at his finest, and not the sappy putz that he morphed into during later years (a part of the character that Helms seems to be channeling on a weekly basis).

A reboot with her at the center around most of the existing cast could actually work because (SPOILER), before last night, she was universally hated and unpredictable enough for them to fear (END SPOILER). And that is, let’s be honest, why a show about an office works and it’s also what made the UK original pure genius and early seasons of this version so damn good — everyday in our lives we are under the thumb of a person who under the best circumstances merely makes our lives annoying, and under the worst of circumstances can make them hell. Sure, there are exceptions to that, but we can relate to a jerk of a boss and the contrasting camaraderie that we feel with our co-workers in response, we can relate, we can laugh, we can care, or at least we can care more about that then we can care about a cuddly office space filled with bumpers, safety nets, and G rated hi-jinks. Or at least, I can.

Going forward, my concern is that a ninth season will continue to de-fang the role of “the boss” and also see the loss of half the cast or their return on a strictly and severely part time basis, gutting the show of its chemistry, star power, and buzz. At that point I think it’s fair to ask, why bother? The last thing any Office fan likely wants is their own version of a soulless Scrubs 2.0 or After-Mash. If reboot means “tear down and replace”, throwing in a bunch of similar character types embodied by strangers that occupy Jim’s desk while giving knowing glances to a sweet receptionist, I say put the show and us out of our misery. As I said before, finding an apt exit point is a challenge, but when all of your stars are walking out the door, well, that is a big damn neon sign.

Anchorman  is one of the best comedies of the past 25 years. Will Ferrell, who is regarded by many as one of the funniest men in comedy,  turned the character of San Diego news anchorman Ron Burgundy into a cult classic icon. I myself, quote the legend that is Ron Burgunday on a daily basis. A sequel to the 2004 comedy has long been rumored, it never emerged… until now.

That’s right,  Anchorman 2 is on it’s way! Ron and the KVWN-TV Channel 4 Evening News team will assemble once again.

Here’s a clip of Will, in his Ron persona, making the announcement on the Conan O’Brien show:

Now, before you start laying on the Sex Panther and perfecting your best “I’m Ron Burgundy?” this is just in the development stages right now. But, they now have Adam McKay (of the original Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers and The Other Guys) set to write and direct. The script, which has been tossed around for years, was finished by McKay and Will Ferrell, who will return to star as Ron Burgundy, of course, along with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd from 04’s Anchorman

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I wouldn’t say Universal Picture’s Despicable Me is in the upper echelon of great animated kid flicks, but it was sappy, cute and funny enough to make $540 million and become the 10th-biggest animated motion picture in U.S. history. I guess, yellow skinned, happy-go-lucky, nugget men is all it takes to sell a picture these days.

Anyhow, Despicable Me was a cash-cow, so naturally a sequel is in the works.

Chris Meledandri and his acclaimed filmmaking team create an all-new comedy animated adventure featuring the return of Gru (Steve Carell), the girls, the unpredictably hilarious minions…and a host of new and outrageously funny characters. Despicable Me 2 is scheduled for theatrical release on July 3rd, 2013.

Here’s a trailer featuring those yellow skinned, happy-go-lucky, nugget men (minions) singing, in their wacky little language, The Beach Boy’s “Barbara Ann”:

Uh, did the punchy one say “Potato”? Hehe, I love these guys!

Skipping the obligatory “SNL is rarely ever funny anymore”, one of the most consistent chuckle worthy sketches is TV Funhouse’s “The Ambiguously Gay Duo”.  The classic animated sketch of two crime fighting heroes whom are completely unaware of their constant homosexual innuendos.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the ambiguous adventures of heroes Gary and Ace (almost 4 years) but last night the duo made a triumphant return to the late night sketch comedy show. The phrase “a pleasant surprise” would be an understatement. Just when it looked looked as though fans would be treated simply to a new episode featuring the beloved “TV Funhouse” characters, something far cooler was in store. It went live-action.

Thanks to an out-of-control “flesh ray,” the cartoon duo are embodied by Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm. The villains are transmogrified into the real world shortly thereafter, being played Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helm and Fred Armisen.

The sketch more than speaks for itself. I have nothing more to say other than thank you Saturday Night Live, for this nostalgic treat of homoerotic double entendre.


” Hey Montel. Why aren’t we invited to your party? What are we? Al- Qaeda?

40-Year-Old Virgin Indian, Shelley Malil was convicted of attempted murder for slashing and stabbing his ex- girlfriend more than 20 times.
Last week, he claimed under oath that he stabbed Kendra Beebe repeatedly, but he didn’t know it was her. Yeah, but isn’t once or twice enough, no pun intended, but is that not a tad overkill? He “Thought” it was he, who was struck with something that felt like a cold granite counter top. So he claims he went “Bananas” with the blade.

So he breaks into HER home, which he was acquitted of. Thought “Oh No! Her new man is threatening me! And stabbed Her 21 times with a knife…Hmm Seems to me, WHILE he was stabbing her, her friend may have hit him with with something that felt like “Hard Granite Counter top”! Perhaps to inhibit the overzealous attempted murder. Which leads me to my next query; did the dude take his head and slam it over and over into the counter top? Or rip it off and slam him with it? Seems like a bullshit excuse to me. But by all means, after you break into an exes house and start acting wacky, if someone hits you with something stone, by all means guy, go batshit crazy attacking the WOMAN with a knife! **** (Last sentence was SARCASM)

Beebe was stabbed at her San Diego County home in August 2008 after Malil found her socializing with another man, David Maldonado. Malil reported he felt threatened and believed Maldonado was going to kill him. He recalls getting “hit from the back on the side of the head. It felt like cold granite counter top.”

Malil, who played one of Steve Carrell’s coworkers in the 2005 comedy, was also found guilty on charges of premeditated attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence, and assault on David Maldonado, who was with Beebe at her home. He faces 21 years to life in prison. (21 years, suffice it to say, just does not seem like enough years)