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The untitled sequel being dubbed asWolverine 3 is currently shooting in Louisiana and some newly revealed snapshots may give some insight into the film’s story.  Hugh Jackman has gone on record saying that this new film, which will be Jackman’s ninth X-flick he has appeared in, will indeed be his last. Many fans have hoped that the farewell movie for this iconic character adapt the fan-favorite story-line Old Man Logan as part of its plot. (more…)


It was with great regret that Hugh Jackman told fans a little while ago that Wolverine 3 would be his last turn at the mutant hero who’s the best at what he does. The news was understandable just the same though because by the time that Wolverine 3 will be release, Jackman will have played the part for nearly 20 years. Wolverine maybe ageless, but Jackman is not, and since he’s a talented actor, he’s probably interested in doing more with his time, career and clout than playing an angry berserker with metal claws every couple of years. So with all that in mind, what could Wolverine 3 possibly be about? What would make a satisfying endgame for Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine? Your comic collection may have the answer and it’s called Old Man Logan. (more…)

Death of Wolverine -- exclusive image

He’s only (arguably) the most powerful man in comics and comic-related media, but Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada was once a simple artist for anyone who could pay to cover the cost of sharpening his pencils. Well every now and then he likes to remind himself, and us, of his humble beginnings, and it’s usually around the special occasion of a mega-crossover, or the death of a popular character. And hey, there’s no greater comic artist catnip than the title, The Death of Wolverine. (more…)


There has been a bunch of debate regarding the aesthetic similarities of comic book movies occurring online lately. Just the other day, Matt Zoller Seitz wrote a rather lengthy piece dissecting his problems with superhero films, decrying their lack of individuality while highlighting how most feel simply like marketing for the next movie in the franchise instead of self-contained, meaningful narratives (for the best example of the latter, see The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Even I spilled a ton of words dissecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, coming to the conclusion that the assembly-line production model and lack of auteurist mindset prevent even the best movies in the sub-genre from establishing unique identities.

Unfortunately, one of the auteurs who was left behind by a studio after proposing a bold vision be applied to an established property was Joe Carnahan (The Grey), whose Death Wish-style take on the Daredevil series sounded truly magnificent. And his most recent comments regarding his scrapped proposal for the character are enough to make any true cinephile cry, as it sounds like one of the coolest comic book trilogies ever envisioned.


Death of Wolverine -- exclusive image

So it’s come to this. Killing the Human Torch wasn’t enough, and killing Spider-Man (twice, in the regular and Ultimate universe) wasn’t enough, now Marvel Comics announced that Wolverine is the next superhero in their crosshairs. The news came out this morning along with some accompanying art work, all pointing to one inevitable fact: the X-Men brawler is going to be taking a dirt nap once Back to School time rolls around this coming fall. Details, and art, follow. (more…)


Mark Millar has been a very busy man, with people nearly begging him to work on the Kick-Ass sequel and running CLiNT, the British comics magazine anthology. With his latest work Nemesis, alongside artist Steve McNiven, being optioned for a film deal Mark is as busy as he can be. The critically acclaimed writer that created a world where villains ruled (Wanted) and was crucial in Marvel comics Civil War took time out of his day to speak with Newsrama. Mark took a few minutes to talk about the current state of his current projects, the Kapow! Comic Con and a slew of others.

Millar Mayhem Time

The following are excerpts from the interview:

On Millar continuing to publish through Marvel’s Icon line-up

There will certainly still be a good relationship with Icon. Kick-Ass will definitely still be coming through Icon, and I’m talking to Marvel and other publishers about where the other stuff will be appearing. Certainly Kick-Ass. Johnny [Romita] and I are planning three volumes of Kick-Ass, and then they’ll all be done at Marvel.

The current state of Kick-Ass 2

We talk about different stuff every day, but almost certainly. We just have to make sure the actors don’t get too old. Chloë [Moretz] in particular. We can’t wait until she’s 15. We don’t want Hit-Girl with kids.

What about other works like Nemesis and Superior

The Nemesis movie is the next thing we’re all starting to get quite excited about. Hopefully in the next few weeks that’s out with a screenwriter, and hopefully when the screenplay is done in a few weeks time, we can really get moving on that. Superior should be fast-tracked as well.

Want to read the rest, check out the interview, in it’s entirety on Newsrama.

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