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The Captain America craze continues! Yesterday we looked at the trending hashtag of #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend that was circulating on Twitter urging Disney to make Steve Rogers homosexual or bisexual. Now today, being New Comics Wednesday, Marvel is adding to Cap’s near-omnipotence with the release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. Not only is the patriotic superhero everywhere and anywhere these days, but a secret has been revealed as to Captain America’s true self <Spoilers Ahead> (more…)

Steve Rogers to Return as Captain America


If you follow Captain America in the comics, then you know he’s been out of commission for a while. While he has had a couple very worthy successors, Steve Rogers will always be Captain America. For fans of Steve Rogers, there’s some good news. During Marvel‘s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years special on ABC, a sneak peek of a new Captain America series was shown. Yes, Steve Rogers fans, it appears that the classic Cap will be returning in a new series entitled Steve Rogers: Captain America, which will be written by Nick Spencer with art by Jesus Saiz!


Hugo Weaving as Red Skull

Hugo Weaving isn’t a stranger when it comes to playing characters from comic book adaptations, and he certainly isn’t a stranger when it comes to the wider geek-friendly community. With iconic roles such as Agent Smith in the Wachowski’s Matrix trilogy, and V in their Alan Moore adaptation of V for Vendetta (…it received a somewhat mixed response – but there is no doubting Weaving’s talent at being able to express emotion whilst wearing a mask), he has also played Elrond in Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings trilogy,  and voiced Megatron in Michael Bay‘s Transformers (which is actually not bad in comparison to the sequels) and finally, he’s played the red-faced power-hungry Nazi Red Skull in the first installment of Captain America: The First Avenger (in which he turned in a great performance). (more…)

Frank Grillo As Crossbones

Looks like Frank Grillo is going to return to the Marvel Universe as Brock Rumlow, a.k.a. Crossbones (…hail hydra folk) in Captain America: Civil War. Grillo recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and confirmed that Marvel Studios have summoned him back to cause more mayhem, taking extreme measures in making sure his character “fits like a glove,”: (more…)


Frank Grillo has come along way career wise in such a short space of time. From a partially unknown regular in season one of Fox’s hit show Prison Break to great supporting roles (End of Watch, The Grey, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and leading roles in movies and TV shows (Kingdom, The Purge 2: Anarchy). His name is really starting to get out there and this has been facilitated by his high profile standout performance as Brock Lumlow (Crossbones), which has essentially trajected his career from a tropospheric plateau to the stratospheric. Furthermore, given what we know about the history or Captain America and Crossbones, this speculation does not come as a total surprise. (more…)


The best thing about Captain America is that he’s a human being, protected by nothing more than a thin layer of spandex. Where Bruce Banner turns into the impenetrable beast that is the Incredible Hulk, Tony Stark is shielded by his iron suit and Thor is an otherworldly god here on Earth, Steve Rogers is just a man, driven by a relentless need to serve and protect his country. This simple fact is what ultimately helps The Winter Soldier work so well, both as a part of The Avengers series and as a stand-alone piece of cinema. Joe & Anthony Russo’s first foray into the Marvel Universe never loses sight of the fact that beneath the red, white and blue exterior is bona fide flesh and blood, with a pulsing heart that can be wounded. In many ways, The Winter Soldier is a catalogue of the lacerations that Rogers has endured, both as a solider and as a man completely out of his own time.


SDCC 2011: ‘Captain America’ Deleted Scene?!

Captain America has been getting some rave reviews in the last 24 hours and they are very well deserved. Chris Evans as Marvel‘s first Avenger, Steve Rogers got to be the only American with the power of the super soilder serum. How sweet is that? Raw speed, strength, intelligence; but like most drugs, the super soilder serum must have had it’s fair share of side effects.

Austin, Texas’ own Rooster Teeth Productions, the guys and gals behind the internet smash Red Vs. Blue, put together an exclusive “deleted scene” from this weekend’s action adventure movie.

I bet Tony Stark has to get an oil change every 500 ladies.

source: RoosterTeeth

It’s that time again! This weekend a big, summer blockbuster of a comic book movie is hitting screens all across America. Celebrating something Americans even to this day take special pride in, kicking Nazi ass. Captain America opens tomorrow, July 22nd, and like many of these Hollywood films with their stars ripped from the pages of our beloved comic books, they come with baggage. It’s a lot of back issues, dude, 70 years worth.

Want to be up to snuff on with your knowledge of the Cap come the midnight movie premiere? Let’s Be Friend’s Again strike awesome with another edition of Comic’s, Everybody! This time detailing the strange tale of army soldier, Steve Rogers turned hero and WWII icon, Captain America. And it’s all told in eight panels! Learning this comic book stuff is a breeze. You’ll impress everyone in line. You can be all like, “Did you know Captain America punched Hitler in the nads?” The crowd will love you.

Hit the jump the to learn the comic book history of Captain America before movie time.


This super hero news round-up is so big it’s actually exploding in your face with cape ‘n’ tights awesomeness! Let’s get to it! First up we have an incredible fan-made trailer for Mark Miller‘s Old Man Logan. All the footage is provided from multiple films but Clint Eastwood has the honor of portraying our lead. Pretty fantastic casting if you ask me.

Here’s some words from creator, ,

I re-read the books again and wanted to make something for now. Later on I want throw in more from the books into a longer trailer. In it I plan to shed a little more light as to what caused the apocalypse. I also am changing it up and removing the Kingpin (wasn’t a fan of how they changed him in the books and no it’s not a racial thing). Instead I’m throwing in Magneto (was curious about his presence in a post-apocalyptic world). Enjoy.

Kick-ass trailer plus an extra helping of Magneto!? Lots of win here.

source: GeekTyrant


There’s more super hero new below the cut including (but not limited to) a first look at the new Wayne Manor, set pics from Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, and The Avengers might show up at San Diego Comic Con after all.


As if on cue, less than a month before the release of Captain America: The First Avenger, we have the SFW trailer for the Cap’s porn movie. Captain America XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody (note it’s EXTREME!) is only the latest in a long line of comic book movie porn parodies. Parody really is the new direction of the porn market with everything from Batman and Iron Man porns to slightly more unsettling parodies like This Ain’t Glee XXX. ::shudders::

Watch the trailer below and let us know if Captain America’s foray into the erotic is enough to tickle your fancy. From the trailer, I’m guessing Steve Rogers could have used more time to let that super soldier serum kick in. I mean, I know Evan Stone is the go to guy for these titillating comic book parodies, but after seeing Chris Evans all mega beefcake in Marvel’s trailer it’s hard not to want to see the same for the porn.

U.S. GOVERNMENT CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Steve Rogers, a genetically modified super solder, single handily ended World War II. His codename was Captain America! After being frozen in a block of ice for 70 years, Rogers (Evan Stone) is back, and he’s the only thing standing between America and the forces of evil. Along with Nick Fury (Sean Michaels), Sharon Carter (Tara Lynn Foxx) and the rest of top secret organization S.H.I.E.L.D., Cap has to battle his arch nemesis, The Red Skull (Bill Bailey). There’s also the sexy-but-deadly Madame HYDRA (Juelz Ventura), who wants to screw him as badly as she wants to kill him! Leaked government files led to “Captain America XXX”, where private citizens may witness the red-blooded hero bone and battle his way through the modern era. The politics have changed, but the sex remains the same!

And yes, there is a cameo from a Samuel L. Jackson look-a-like. Or, I should say a porneo. Ba dum tssssh.

source: BleedingCool