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At this past weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX) arcade master and King of Kong star Steve Wiebe traveled to the local Gameworks, a casual dining and entertainment franchise in Seattle, WA to play Fix-It Felix Jr. The fictional game centered around Disney’s upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph. Since an actual arcade version of the game never existed until this past weekend, this made Steve the first gamer to play it, as well as the first one to break it’s high score.

Watch the video of Steve`s first game and the interview that followed below:

Obviously, this was a PR stunt in anticipation for Disney`s film. Regardless, it’s still pretty sweet seeing Wiebe in action.

Fans at Gameworks could play to beat Wiebe’s score. If they reached total victory, they would earn themselves  a free advanced screening of Wreck-It Ralph in their hometown. No word yet as to whether or not the prize was claimed. But honestly, who the heck is going to beat Wiebe? I for one, would be like “Wiebe got the high score, huh? Screw it, I can’t compete with that!”

Wanna see how you’d stack up against Wiebe? Well, you can still play the game on your home computer (HERE). WARNING: It’s very addicting. Oh, and Wiebe got a score of 444,000. Good luck, fucker.

Wreck-It Ralph, starring John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman hits theaters everywhere November 2nd, 2012.

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A while back Nerdbastards wrote about Hank Chien, the man who bent former Donkey Kong champs Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe over a table and went to town on their asses. Chien is the new high score champion of the 8-bit game Donkey Kong, capturing it from the bitter rivals with a score of 1,090,400. Now he can add one more title to his resume, other then doctor and gamer, a movie star. Just like the aforementioned Mitchell and Wiebe, Chien is the star of his very own video game documentary called Doctor Kong: Cutting Up the Competition. While it isn’t a sequel to 2007’s A Fistfull of Quarters it doesn’t mean it’s any less interesting, showing his rise into the record books in between his personal and professional life. Check out the first look at Doctor Kong.

Player 1, you’re needed in the OR

Doctor Kong (trailer) from on Vimeo.

Pretty good considering they started filming this before he became the new world champion at the barrell avoiding game. It’s like director Alexis Neophytides knew Hank was going to be a contender turned champ, with his beaming smile and personality. Already screened in Brooklyn, New York, the film has more screenings slated for later in the month. Billy has his “Rickey’s World Famous Restaurant” chain and Steve has his “heart of gold” sportsmanship but Chien has a the new record (for now). He won’t have to use that “I’m playing Donkey Kong so I can get laid” after this hits the market, the wads of cash in his pockets should do all the talking now.

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Any self respecting nerd has seen the 2007 documentary The King of Kong (If you haven’t, then I feel the rest of us are in the right to call you an asshole.) For you lesser nerds out there, the film follows the epic  battle between Steve Wiebe and noted Donkey Kong/vintage video game champion Billy Mitchell, over the world record for Donkey Kong. The Mitchell-Wiebe rivalry, with thanks to the film, has made these guys famous. Legends in and outside the gaming world. With notoriety comes money, woman and… an arcade establishment? Yeppers.

While it’s been fun tracking the back and fourth battle between Wiebe and Mitchell for the world record (Steve Wiebe recently reclaimed the Donkey Kong World Record from Billy Mitchell before losing the title months later to Plastic Surgeon Hank Chien) these guys are well aware of their new found celebrity. Further branding their image for monetary gain is only obvious. Thus explains why Billy Mitchell has opened an arcade at Orlando’s airport under the film’s branding – with good guy Steve Wiebe gracing the entrance.

The small arcade is decked out with posters and signage from The King of Kong marketing, and even features a Donkey Kong mural on the walls. Notably, Mitchell’s arcade does not have a Donkey Kong machine – perhaps to keep someone (Hank Chien?) from beating the record in his own establishment. Mitchell’s arcade, as you can see in the video below, features a couple of Dead Heat cabinets, Terminator Salvation, two Super Bikes 1 setups, an Avatar pinball machine, plus an air hockey table and Aliens Extermination.

Seriously, what’s the point of having a Donkey Kong themed arcade with no Donkey Kong? It just further proves what a true-to-life villain Mitchell is. That bastard!

In The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters viewers watched as two men continually battled for the high score of the classic Donkey Kong arcade game.Watching all around good guy Steve Wiebe battle his rival, restaurant chain owner Billy Mitchell for the high score of a child’s game for 79 minutes. Billy didn’t even play the game once the entire film citing that “To me, most important is to travel to a sanctioned location, like Funspot that makes it official; if tomorrow Tiger Woods golfs a 59, big deal. If he does it at Augusta, that’s where it counts.” So in English that means “I don’t wanna lose on camera” Well looks like neither Steve or Billy is holding their barrel high today as they can no longer call themselves ‘The King of Kong’. In what was a battle of two on film is actually a battle of three as a New York Surgeon has clutched the crown away from the bitter rivals.

Who is this mystery man?

According to tracking group Twin Galaxies, Donkey Kong player Hank Chien has once again snatched victory away with a current official high score of 1,068,000 in Donkey Kong points. That must have taken a handful of tokens and a ton of pepsi just to stand in from of an arcade machine and ruin a child’s day. Imagine having to watch a grown man, 3 to 4 times your age, play the same game from sun up to sun down. This is a brawl that’ll keep rolling right into 2011, with Wiebe giving Donkey Kong another reach around by playing at an event this weekend. As for a 3 player 3-way, it’ll be a Chien vs. Mitchell vs.Wiebe score-off planned for March.

How long will this high score hijinx continue for until we see a drive-by barrel tossing and someone loses a life? It should be fine though, with all the time these 3 have been playing this game they should know that the only real danger is those little flaming guys.

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