Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg remains one of the hardest working filmmakers in the business, and he really doesn’t have anything to prove at this point. Still, last year he filmed the adaptation of the Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One, and now he’s working under a very tight schedule on a new project about the Pentagon Papers called, simply, The Papers. Those two movies are going to come out very close together, so it was going to put a lot of pressure on Spielberg’s usual music collaborator John Williams, right? Well, it’s a good thing then that Williams only had to choose one, while the other goes to another very famous composer.  (more…)

AnimaniacsThe early to mid 90’s was a golden era for animation. We had ducks with tales and dark wings, there were ancient Scottish gargoyles protecting New York (from Commander Riker, no less,) heck even the Simpson’s wasn’t completely terrible yet. In those hyper-color™ halcyon days, Warner Bros. had an amazingly successful run with the likes of the animated adventures of Batman, Superman, and even a unique twist on their Looney Tunes stable with Tiny Toon Adventures. It truly was the a great time for cartoons.

Decades later, WB’s (and humanities,) greatest cartoon might be making it’s return. So just sit back and relax because it just might be time for more Animaniacs! (more…)

Every avid gamer has dreamed at least once of a world where their favorite games were a reality. Whether that meant speeding through the futuristic world of Tron on a light cycle or blasting away the demonic characters of Doom as a space marine on Mars, this dream is what truly set the modern era of gamers apart and what makes the future of gaming and AR so enticing. However, for Alex Rogan, the main character of the cult classic, The Last Starfighter, a beat up space arcade game in the center of his mobile home community gave him just that and, in turn, a unique and highly devoted fan base was formed.  (more…)


There was once a time that everything George Lucas touched turned to gold. That time has past. It was to the relief of many Star Wars fans that Lucas had almost nothing to do with the development of The Force Awakens, especially after the litany of missteps (crimes in the opinion of some) that the filmmaker took with the prequel trilogy. But then Disney picked up Indiana Jones, and announced that they were making a fifth movie in that franchise, like Star Wars, fans were concerned that the comeback would be shaded by the continued involvement of Lucas. Well, the man penning the script for Indy 5 says relax, he’s not answering to the flanneled one. (more…)


Shia LaBeouf is an angry guy. At least that’s the impression you might get any time you see him do an interview. Now he’s had some controversies lately, but he’s been quietly putting together a series of acting performances that put in the rearview any images of him coking out at Broadway performances, or plagiarizing graphic novels. Well, let it never be said that LeBeouf can’t shoot himself in the foot. And then stick that foot in his mouth. The Beef’s latest interview has him throwing shade on filmmaking legend Steven Spielberg. You know, the guy whom he owes an easy transition from Disney Channel star to movie career. (more…)


Ten years after George Lucas directed the last installment of the Star Wars prequels, Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, a still untitled film, needed a director. It couldn’t just be any director either, this one needed to set the tone for the return of the beloved franchise. Unlike the previous Star Wars films, Episode VII, for better or worse depending on who you ask, no longer had its creator at the helm. LucasFilm made the decision and entrusted the responsibility of directing Star Wars VII to none other than Star Trek director J.J. Abrams.  How exactly did Abrams come to sit in the director’s chair, and end up producing the Star Wars movies that would follow? The answer comes from… Mr. Steven Spielberg.



Music can’t make a bad film good, but it can make a good film great and composers like five time Academy Award winner John Williams can make that good film unforgettable and instantly recognizable. While some health concerns have cropped up in the past few years, Williams, who is 84 years old continues to work with his long time friend in film Steven Spielberg. He recently confirmed his involvement with two upcoming Spielberg movies, Ready Player One and Indiana Jones 5. Last Thursday Spielberg presented Williams with the Life Time Achievement Award by the American Film Institute, making him the first composer to be so honored in the 44 year history of the award.  (more…)


TJ Miller Deadpool

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘Deadpool’ star T.J. Miller has been added to the cast of ‘Ready Player One,’ Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the action-packed, sci-fi novel by Ernest Cline. In the Warner Bros./Village Roadshow produced film, Miller will take on the role of i-R0k, an online troll who searches and monitors the online forums of the wildly popular virtual reality MMO game Oasis. (more…)


Steven Spielberg. The name says “Hollywood” in a way that few filmmakers can realize now in days. He has an unprecedented string of financial and critical successes, awards, accolades, and an army of filmmakers inspired by, or mentored directly, by him. Still, he’s not perfect. He once compared superhero films to westerns, a fad of a genre that will wain one day when – perhaps soon – people lose interest. Most people took that as an assault on the genre, but in a recent interview, the master showed that he isn’t entirely a stick in the mud on the issue. In face, Spielberg confessed that a recent Marvel Studios movie had – Shocker! – impressed him. (more…)


Disney has just released a new trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s latest movie The BFG. Based on the classic tale by Roald Dahl, The BFG certainly has Spielberg back in his wheelhouse where he examines the wonder of the world through the eyes of a child. The script was written by the late Melissa Mathison, the script writer for one of Spielberg’s most beloved films E.T., The BFG will be her last writing credit. Check out the trailer below. (more…)