Michael Bay really loves big, scaly beasts, as he’s doubled down on the dragons in Tranformers: Age of Extinction, letting them not only act as steeds for the titular robots, but also write songs for his latest three-hour toy commercial*.

Wait…there aren’t any dragons actually in Imagine Dragons? It’s only a gaggle of bro-ed out white dudes? Far less interesting. Though also much more plausible. Could you imagine going to a concert where the whole band was comprised of fire-breathing monsters? It’d be the scariest thing this side of a Miley Cyrus show.


Thanks to The Chris Evans Blog, we have 15 new stills from Captain America: The First Avenger. Including several new shots of Chris Evans in full costume as Captain America.

The thing I like about movie stills, is that it reminds me of the days of movie trading cards. Memba those? They were like baseballs cards, only they were a deck of 15 of so cards featuring stills from an upcoming movie. It was like a glorious sneak peak at anticipated movie. And, it most cases they came with a stick of chewing gum (which flavor lasted for .05 seconds) and there were select cards used to build a poster.  Oh man, those were the good ole’ days. Speaking of which, is anyone interested in buying some rather dusty Dick Tracy and TMNT card sets. Kidding. I would never sell those.

Anyway, enjoy the stills below and let us know what you think.