There must be something magical about putting on that Iron Man armor, because ever since Robert Downey Jr. donned the cherry apple red suit of awesome-sauce he can do no wrong. Video has just surfaced from Sting‘s 60th birthday party back in 2011 and you’ve got to see Robert Downey Jr. join Sting on stage and totally blow it out of the park singing Driven to Tears. (more…)

Because one day cannot contain enough Ian McKellen. Hot the heels of the news he and Patrick Stewart will be reprising their roles of Magneto and Xavier for X-Men: Days of Future Past we get our first clip from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s the presentation of Sting to Biblo (Martin Freeman) from Gandalf, and ohhh! I’m getting teary already. I’m going to cry all through this movie, I just know it.

Check out the clip below,

AAHH! December 14th cannot arrive quickly enough!

Source: CBM

Stephen Colbert and Frodo Baggins Geek Out

Last night’s guest on The Colbert Report was Elijah Wood and he was there promoting his latest film Happy Feet 2. And that was all he and Stephen Colbert discussed. The end.
Ha! Yeah right. As you should know, Stephen Colbert (The real one, and I guess his pundit persona as well.) is a HUGE J.R.R. Tolkien nerd. Usually he works this into his act in an expected arrogant manner as he believes himself to be the ultimate Tolkien fan. In the video below he and Elijah Wood geek out hardcore about the secrets they know and can’t share concerning The Hobbit films and whose got the better Sting. Mini sword fight ensues.
Oh, and I’m apologize for that tiny bit of Happy Feet 2 you were forced to sit through.