Storm Trooper

sexy admiral akbar

Pin ups began as a kind of explicit medium that was considered crude, tasteless and vulgar. Over the years it has blossomed into an art form loved round the world. Now, comes these odd Star Wars pin ups that I feel may have knocked the beauty of the whole thing back to the stone age. With seductive poses from Admiral Ackbar’s daughter or some shit, sexy sand people (really!?) and some wack Darth Maul girl? Check it out for yourself (be worried if you become aroused).


Living Storm Trooper Prank Scares Girl


The girlfriend to the roommate of some dude living in England kept giving him grief over his stormtrooper suit he had on display in the living room, so he decided to play a little prank. As puts it:

“We’re going to have to question the validity of this video on the grounds that he has Star Wars Stormtrooper armor and a girl in his apartment, simultaneously. Impossible.”

Predictable this video was…and that is why it fails. Actually no, this is not the fail we were looking for. Clearly she was forced into a corner… it was a trap. OK, enough with the lame SW jokes. This video is a clear win for 3 reasons. 1. Mutiple camera angles were used and thus sets it above the rest of the typical one dimensional slow-mo scares we’ve seen countless times. 2. Scaring girls never gets old. 3. The girl is a hot British babe. How many of you got an immediate tickle in your pants when she screamed “You Bahhhstad!”? (or was that just me?)



Normally you’d have to find yourself in a dark back room of some seedy West Virginian bar to see something this weird looking, but this Avatar Storm Trooper Mashup (which if you ask me looks like Predator, a Na’vi, and Zoidberg had a retarded cousin baby and kept it’s head in a Storm Trooper mold) is an art piece done by Denise Vasquez for the 501st TK Project. While we love and embrace all sorts of Nerd this shit is crazy. Just how we like it. Check out some close up giant photos after the jump. (more…)

Star Wars Sexy Time


Boba Fett came home after a long day of bounty hunting and all he wanted to do was slip into his skinny jeans a pyramid studded belt and pass out on his dirty college dorm bed. Wouldn’t you know when he got home there was a dirty whore Han loving Storm Trooper getting down with a Clone Trooper… Apparently Jango Fett had a nice rack. Enjoy the very boobylicious NSFW photo after the jump.