Street Fighter X Tekken

They still make fighter games?

It’s hard to believe that the Street Fighter franchise hasn’t jumped the video game shark waaaaaayyy before this. Street Fighter X Tekken is sure making a good case that the shark is jumped, then backed over multiple times.

Joining the battle are Mega Man,


I gotta cut in here. This isn’t the cute Mega Man you all know and love . . . this is the Hobo Mega Man down at the corner whose breath smells like feet and Old Spice.

                                                                      Pac Man,

OK, it’s Pac Man with robot armor, not Tony Stark armor, more like Fred Sanford armor. (Google him ya young whippersnappers)

                                                                                         Cole from Infamous, and some Japanese cat mascots Kuro and Toro. These fighters will be exclusive to the PS3 and PS Vita versions. Who knows what you might get for the other platforms, maybe the PC version will get all of them?

Street Fighter X Tekken Rap


The game that was announced at Comic-Con, Street Fighter X (Cross) Tekken, has been making a lot of buzz. Just the fact that fans now have the glorious chance to have Zangief wrestle/fight a bear is already Game of the Year material. Recently, a rap was made about the game which features Vega and Balrog talking/rapping about the possibility the game has and what they think about it.

The rap is done really well and fans of both franchise will find something to chuckle at while listening to the rap. If anything, this rap has help me think of few more possibilities, such as Alex/Roger going against Balrog…you know you would pay money to see that in real life.

Source: Dorkly