Pointed and sharp bladed swords are NOT toys, and should not be treated lightly. They can, and in this case, DID cause serious injury.

This weekend in Houston, TX a cosplayer apparently broke up a fight between his ex-wife and her new boyfriend with a replica of Link‘s famous Master Sword from Nintendo‘s Legend of Zelda video game franchise.  (more…)


It’s one thing when a site like ours reports on an upcoming film based on fifth-hand rumor and wishful thinking–when the word comes down that such news is pure moonshine, we have no one but ourselves to blame.

HOWEVER, when a filmmaker is directly quoted saying work is about to begin on a long-awaited sequel to the popular franchise he created, it’s perfectly reasonable for us (and our colleagues) to report on it as credible news….And perhaps I speak only for myself, but seeing this same director backpedal when asked further questions regarding the film he just told everyone he was making is more than a little annoying.

Take a look at Raimi’s attempt at retconning his own assertion:

“Those guys made me say that. I am thinking about it but a crowd goes ‘Come on  Sam, do it!”’ so I said ‘Okay, I guess I was talking to my brother about it’ But  I feel like I was pushed into saying that, a little bit. In the hallway today I  joked with Ivan ‘Get working on that script!’ but I really don’t know. I’m  afraid that every time I talk about it people get really mad at me when I don’t  follow through with it. I would like to work on the script over the summer, that  much is true. But the reason to come back and do it again is only that they’re  making me, those fans. I was saying to Ivan ‘Why do they stay on this thing? Why  do they keep at it?’ and he said ‘They want to make a movie. You’re a filmmaker and your fans are asking you to make  the movie. What are you, an idiot? Make the movie!’ I guess there’s something I  don’t see. It makes sense when Ivan says it… but I didn’t have a tremendous  amount of passion until right now to bring to it. I love working with Bruce  Campbell and Rob Tapert, I have so much fun making those movies, so… but the  fans are really forcing me into it.”


“FORCING” you, Sam? Were they armed? Explain to me how you just didn’t have the heart to disappoint your fans by admitting there are no plans to begin work on Evil Dead 4….but you were perfectly comfortable with jerking their collective chain (and making fansite journalists look like idiots) with a load of pure bullshit?

Folks say things they wish they could take back every day–nobody’s perfect…and I can understand how, in the moment, with so many people egging him on, Raimi could let something like that slip.

BUT, when he was called on it–the decent, mature thing to do would have been to admit the mistake and apologize: Not BLAME YOUR OWN FANS for your fuck-up. 🙁


Not a dream! Not an Imaginary Story! And well, not really the Incredible Hulk… The Coventry Telegraph reports that a man, in ‘fancy dress’ was arrested outside a night club in Coventry, England for selling drugs. Oh, and he was painted green. Yes, the man was apparently dressed up as the Hulk in his  “Joe Fixit” persona.

Scott [The Hulk]  Anderson was drunk and trying to sell cocaine he did not want outside the Skydome in the city centre […] Christopher O’Gorman, prosecuting, outlined the events which led the defendant to be nabbed by two police officers outside the Skydome on April 23 at about 3am.

He said: “At around about that time they saw the defendant, dressed conspicuously as The Incredible Hulk, hand something to someone who handed money to the defendant.”

As you can see, the resemblance is uncanny

Because a fuckin’ shitload of university students are goddamn stupid, and it really isn’t clear how they even ended up there in the first place… University of Wisconsin-Stout theater professor James Miller has been faced with a set of warnings for his so-called “disorderly conduct”.

What did he do? He put up a poster of Mal Reynolds from Firefly with the following quote:

“You don’t know me, son, so let me explain this to you once: if I ever kill you, you’ll be awake. And you’ll be facing me. And you’ll be armed.”

Miller was told that more posters of the sort would result in criminal charges. Even though the above quote was meant to showcase Mal Reynold’s sense of honor and by no means endorses mindless killing, it wasn’t taken as such. Perhaps it takes a second read-through to truly understand the quote when taken out of context… but clearly what happened here is a bunch of university students saw the word “kill”, freaked out and went crying to Mommy.

The professor responded to this action by putting up a poster about fascism. That didn’t go over well, either.

I don’t know how these people expect to make it through university without ever once encountering potentially controversial ideas and to take them for what they’re worth rather than overreacting and causing shit. Something similar happened at my own school recently (not nerd related), but this kind of stupidity can ruin careers for people.

This GIF perfectly sums up my reaction:

Source: io9


Meet Brendan and his mother. About two years ago, Brendan’s mother put in her debit card info on her son’s Xbox 360 so that he could have a Gold account. Apparently, Brendan went on some sort of spending spree in the last six months as he has racked up £1082.52 , or $1700 in Xbox Live charges.

So what does the mother do, she blames Microsoft for making it easy for her 11 year old son to buy so much stuff and asks for the company to reverse some of the charges. When a Microsoft rep was contacted to comment about the situation, he went on to say how this could have been prevented if they turned on the parental controls on the account.

First off, how the hell do you not notice all these charges on your account and let it go on for six months. Second, what the hell did he buy to rack up such a bill? Did he go off and buy like about 850 Rock Band DLC or just buy every single downloadable game possible?

If anything, it’s another one of those parent doesn’t want to take blame for something their kid did and wants to blame someone else for it. Hopefully, this lady learned her lesson and will actually watch what her kids does from here on out.

Source: Geekologie