Lost Girl

In the aftermath of The Dawning, Bo was in good spirits, and we all know that that can’t last.

Indeed, there wasn’t much room for Bo and the gang to take a break from the Dawning-related drama from the week before. Dyson approached Bo and Kenzi with a case: a camp for delinquent youth has suffered a couple of casualties that are obviously Fae-related. There are three victims so far, and they’ve all been killed in different ways although there are some commonalities. Bo and Kenzi go undercover at the camp, Bo – once the most popular councilor three years running at Camp Chipowa – goes embedded as a councilor, and Kenzi – owning all her skill as a delinquent herself – takes up the part of the camp’s newest camper.

Bo, Kenzi and Dyson eventually discover that one of the campers is actually the Fae killer they’re looking for. The killer, Jolene, is a Tikbalang. a type of Fae from the Philippines who disorient travelers in the woods and forests and leads them astray. But more than that, a Tikbalang hunts in pairs, and Jolene had a human lover at the camp. He attacks Lauren in retaliation for Bo killing Jolene, but Bo manages to save Lauren in the nick of time.

But there is one thing that Bo couldn’t seem to save in regards to Lauren, and that’s their relationship. Feeling a greater distance now more than ever between herself and Bo, Lauren also learned this week of the unexpected kiss a couple of week’s ago between Bo and Tamsin. It’s the last draw. Lauren tells Bo that she feels like she’s losing herself, and that she needs a break, and Bo reluctantly agrees. Is this the end of Bolo? I guess we’ll see.

Speaking of Tamsin, she stayed busy this week with matters of the non-home wrecking variety. She’s visited by her mentor Acacia (played by Linda Hamilton) who knows that Tamsin has discover the identity of The Wanderer, and the man they once both worked for also knows that she knows, and is demanding that Bo be brought to him. But Bo’s getting too strong right? Well, Acacia has the solution to that: in a magic pill bottle Tamsin must collect one hair from someone Bo loves, two from someone she trusts, and three from the succubus herself. When the spell’s complete, Bo’s power should be contained enough for her to be taken to him with a minimum of fuss.

So what does Tamsin do? Well, she initially goes about collecting the hairs, but eventually refuses to go through with it, even if that means betraying one of her oldest friends. As punishment, Tamsin receives Acacia’s severed hand in a box implying that Acacia was killed as recompense of Tamsin’s refusal to play ball. By the end of the episode though Tamsin reluctantly sees the light and collects the hairs from Bo, but what is she going to do now that she’s got Bo in her power.

To find out, let’s go to the precap of tonight’s episode, “Adventures In Fae-bysitting”:

1) Three Episodes Left! – Tonight’s entry is the antepenultimate season three episode of Lost Girl. As you may or may not know, the show has been renewed for season four on both Showcase and Sy-Fy.

2) Case of the Week – Bo and Kenzi get back into being gumshoes for hire when a babysitter named Lisa brings them the case of a number of mysterious disappearances from an upper-middle class suburb. Bo and Kenzi go undercover as prospective buyers to get a feel for the neighborhood and make friends with the desperate housewives only to learn that the whole thing is way freakier than the trappings of some cancelled ABC dramedy.

3) More Mysteries – Dyson makes progress on another mystery this week: the mysterious Fae murders that looked as though Bo might have been doing them. A couple of overlooked clues – an odd bite mark, the imprint of an extra digit – point to something completely different. Tamsin, still mourning the loss of her mentor Acacia in last week’s episode, sobers up long enough to help Dyson unearth an incredible new development in the case.

4) Hale Sighting! – The not-so-temporary Ash makes a brief return appearance, but the nice suit isn’t the only change in Ash Hale. Lauren requests some time off to deal with personal issues, like her recent break from Bo, but Hale goes all Scrooge on her telling her to take the weekend, but be back ready to work Monday morning.

5) You Don’t Know Jack About Lauren – The enigmatic Issac (Shawn Doyle), Lauren’s fan in science, returns to make her an offer she can’t refuse. No, it’s not an indecent proposal, but rather the opportunity to work in the interest of pure science; he offers her a job. But what tethers Lauren to the world of the Fae, especially now that her relationship with Bo is all but over? The answer will probably surprise, as do the implications.

6) Creepy Carousel – Dion’s “The Wanderer” comes back as a motif this week. Guess how.

7) Where Do I Know Her From? – Caroline, the head desperate house-witch, is played by Canadian actress Gabrielle Miller. Miller played Lacy on the Canadian sitcom and modern classic Corner Gas, and was a regular on another CTV comedy Robson Arms. She’s also appeared in such fine stateside series like Brothers & Sisters, NCIS and Cold Case (which was actually “inspired” by a Canadian series, Cold Squad, which launched in 1998 and co-starred Michael “Col. Saul Tigh” Hogan from Battlestar Galactica).

8) Klassic Kenzi – “Bo likes them all,” she says when one of the desperate housewives inquires about Bo’s taste in men. Kenzi also showed that she can channel her inner-Randy from Scream. “I thought only stupid girls go into the house,” she reminds Bo.

9) Burning Questions – “Does daddy have the same anger issues you do?” “What would Lisa do that I’m not doing?” “What’s a siren?” “What am I doing here, Kenzi?”

10) How Does it End? – “Something is hunting the Fae.”

NEXT WEEK – Hale gets official, Ash-wise speaking.


Last week, Bo was greeted to her first official challenge on her way to the Dawning, a Fae right of passage with will either let her pass to the next level of Fae maturity, or leave her a scavenging UnderFae relegating her to a life of being locked in a cage in the dungeon under the Dal.

Assistance comes from a Lode Star Fae named Stella, who Trick summons to help Bo prepare, starting with a return trip home to her human foster parents where Bo will have to make peace with her past before confronting her future. Bo takes a road trip to her hometown Grimsley with the newly unkidnapped Kenzi, who, despite her protests, could use the country air. But Bo’s return home turned out to be not only limited to her human issues.

It turns out Grimsley is haunted by Lady Polly, an UnderFae who attacks when people are caught in the dreamy sunlight haze of midday. Bo, who was known as Beth in her Grimsley days, helped summon Polly with a group of friends when she was in high school, oddly enough on the same night Bo fed as a succubus for the first time, killing her boyfriend Kyle. The two incidents are kind of unrelated, but on the night Kyle died, all the friends left town with the exception of poor Dougie, who’s stayed in town for the last decade trying to put Polly back in the bottle on his own.

Polly, having been reawakened by the group of friends all returning to town for the first time, is out to finish the job, but Bo and Kenzi with Dougie’s help are able to trap Polly again by putting her down the local well.

With Lady Polly no longer feeling well (Kenzi’s pun!), Bo dealt with the business that brought her to Grimsley in the first place. Her adoptive father long dead, Bo’s adoptive mother now suffers from dementia, which has more or less rendered her once vicious, puritanical human mother to a complete June Cleaver makeover. Despite her original desire to tear a strip off mommy dearest, Bo instead tells her instead that, “I can’t hate you anymore, and I’m done hating myself.”

In other news, Trick and Dyson have a little secret sharing time. Trick clues into the fact the Dyson has his love back, and Dyson, ever the gentleman, assures that he has no desire to get between Bo and Lauren. Trick points out that humans have significantly shorter lifespan than Fae, which means that Bo and Dyson may have their time yet. Meanwhile, we learn that Trick is kind of sweet on Stella. I guess everyone wins by bringing Stella onto Team Bo.

In the end, Bo confronts Kenzi with the question of the hour: exactly what was everyone’s favorite sidekick doing at the Norn’s when she spilled the essence of Kitsune on her arm?

And that brings us to this week’s episode, “Fae-ge Against The Machine.” But before we dive into the precap, I’ve learned that Sy-Fy has followed suit with Showcase and renewed Lost Girl for season four. Good news for all the fae-natics out there State’s side. And now, on with the precap.

1) If at First You Don’t Succeed… – The episode opens with Stella putting Bo through her paces. In this new round of Dawning training, Bo has to capture a lucky cricket while blindfolded. Naturally, this is not as easy as it sounds. Bo’s gonna need all the luck she can get because…

2) The Case of the Week – Bo’s official invite to the Dawning arrives. On really fine stationary from a thousand year old Staples Print & Copy? Hardly, the invitation to the Dawning is a wacky, steam punk-looking Rube Goldberg like contraption that Bo’s closest blood relative has to use to help her navigate the challenge to complete the invitation. Trick steps up to work all the levers, pullies, and looking glasses as Bo plays out the game in the field.

3) Little Help? – As Trick works the machine at the Dal, Bo gets a helpful sidekick in this adventure in Tamsin (Kenzi, apparently, puts out too much human interference for the purposes of Bo’s training). Tamsin takes Bo out for lunch to lay some truth on her, despite what the others are telling her, the Dawning is “the most brutal thing you’ll go through plus infinity.” So does that mean Tamsin is warming to our succubus heroine? Let’s just say the answer’s a definite “Yes, uh-oh” by the end of the episode.

4) Beware of Handshake Deals – After having a drink at a Dark Fae bar, Bo and Tamsin meet Balzac, a Spriggan Fae who commits you to one favor as payback for their help once you shake their hand, and by commit, we mean you can’t get rid of them till you do them a solid. Balzac’s favor is a trip to Brazenwood, a sort of Dark Fae frontier town with it’s own sense of lawless rule-making. Bo and Tamsin have to rescue Hannah, a Squonk Fae with an unusual and financially lucrative ability.

5) Doctor, Doctor – Lauren pops into the Dal to let Bo know that she’s being given a big award at a banquet that night. The last minute notification came after the original recipient was found to be the author of some dodgy science (as Lauren always knew), so Bo’s favorite Doc gets the prize instead. The news makes Lauren giddy, even concocting the celebrity couple nickname “Bolo” for he and her girlfriend, but their fabulous night out was not meant to be. Of course, Bo gets sidelined with the quest, but Lauren is introduced to an admired colleague, Dr. Taft. Why is this significant? Taft is played by Shawn Doyle, a well-known and respected Canadian actor recently of the Showcase series Endgame and the HBO series Big Love. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Dr. Taft is a face we’ll see again.

6) Missing in Action – Kenzi’s not the only one who sits out this week. Apparently, both Dyson and Hale have some important Fae business elsewhere to keep them occupied.

7) Surprise Kissing – There are two surprising kisses by the end of the episode. One of them is really surprising.

8) A New Mystery – Be on the look out for a particular scene this week. There might be a clue in there to suggest that the season’s big obstacle might not be whether or not Bo passes The Dawning or becomes an UnderFae.

9) Burning Questions – “What if I’m not strong enough?” “What’s your type, blondie?” “Infinity or a pit of snakes?” “Do you want to tell me what that Wanderer business was about?”

10) How Does it End? – “Please tell me she’s not the one.”

NEXT WEEK: The Dawning, um, dawns.

‘Lost Girl’ Precap – The Sessions


Last week on Lost Girl, we bid adieu to our old friend Vex (for now), learned a little more about our new friend Tamsin, realized that the new found detente between the light and the dark may be harder to achieve than we thought, and that Hale may be even more of a bad ass Ash than his “temporary” title may indicate.

But mostly though, it was about people adjusting to the new normal. Vex remained – ahem – impotent in regards to his Mesmer powers, a fact he wasn’t handling well to the annoyance of the gang. Meanwhile, Bo has been battling one hired goon after the other as The Morrigan, leader of the Dark Fae, is working hard to get some compromising photography out of Bo’s hands. Hale has a solution, officially sign-up with the Light! But since Bo’s rather fond of her unaligned status he proposes instead a mission. While doing inventory of the Ash’s holdings, Hale noticed that an artifact called the Staff of Righteousness was missing. If Bo can secure it, he can post guards at her place under the auspices of “protecting the Staff.” A loophole to give Bo and Kenzi a break from The Morrigan’s thugs.

Kenzi ties to bond with Vex over their shared love of mascara, but despite being Da Vinci with a mascara brush (and there was a queen – meaning Da Vinci – BTW), and some fondness for Kenzi, Vex tries to make a peace offering to The Morrigan by picking Bo’s pocket for the iPhone and the coveted bondage pic of the Dark leader. (Besides, iPads, iPhones, electricity – it’s all a fad really. Analog’s the future.) And Kenzi’s make-up therapy can only go so far as to alleviate the pressure of “Blauren.”

What happens next is worthy of Shakespeare. The Morrigan spikes Vex’s drink with a bug that gets passed around from Bo to Dyson to Tamsin. The bug causes the infected to revert back to a tween (or Twi-Hard, if you will) state where they act mentally like middle schoolers, effectively neutralizing a Fae’s powers. Also, the bugs secrete a pheromone that attracts a dangerous type of Underfae who look suspiciously like Dalek pig slaves.

It all comes down to Lauren and Kenzi getting over their mutual animosity in order to cook up a cure, while Bo and the others relive their teenage dreams: temper-tantrums, loud music, and spin the bottle amongst the hits. Bo and Tamsin bond in a sisterly way revealing along the way that Tamsin is a Valkyrie, although what that is is for her hard to explain, although it is implicit that like Bo, Tamsin is a type of Fae who has trouble in the romantic department. “Sometimes when I love someone, they have to go away,” she tells her new BFF Bo. Bo and Tamsin then write down their deepest, darkest secrets in verse, and trade them for each other to read. We never find out what’s on those slips and we never will because both Bo and Tamsin ate theirs after reading.

But any bonding is broken up by Vex, who arrives with some pig slaves and is ready to take out the gang and win himself a spot back on Team Dark. Kenzi, by accidentally picking up the Staff of Righteousness, gains the requisite super-powers to hold off the pigs long enough for Lauren to cure Bo, and as Bo finishes off the Morrigan’s minions, Kenzi convinces Vex to be his own Fae and stop being the Morrigan’s bitch.

In the end, balance is restored. Bo, Dyson and Tamsin are back to normal, Trick helps Kenzi relieve herself of the Staff of Righteousness, and Vex decides to do the Kung Fu thing and walk the Earth looking for a way to get his groove back.  Kenzi’s worried she’ll never see him again, but he leaves her his brushes as collateral. Hale, meanwhile, lays down the law with The Morrigan, the Fae elders have invested a lot in their peace plan and any immature stunts could ruin it all, so she better watch it – or else.

And now that we know where we’ve been, let’s see where we’re going. Here’s the preview of tonight’s episode, “Fae-de To Black”:

1. Trouble in Paradise – It was kind of implied in last week’s episode that the current state of bliss between Bo and Lauren had a potential hiccup, and we explore that aspect in-depth in this week’s episode. Basically, it comes down to the age old question: can a human and a succubus have a monogamous relationship without long-term physical consequences for both? And what do they do about it when they discover the answer?

2. The Case of the Week – Someone’s driving people to suicide. Dyson and Tamsin come across a man who’s on top of a roof preparing to tight rope walk from one building to another. The other suicides occurred under equally ludicrous circumstances and Dyson thinks he smells the scent of another Fae at each of the scenes. All the victims have one thing in common, which leads to…

3. Undercover Shrink – Bo once again finds herself (slightly) out of her element by posing as a couple’s therapist at the clinic where all the victims were being treated before they died. Her first case involves a gay couple and their issue is frequency of sex, which is, naturally, nothing that succubus super-powers can’t cure (with hilarious results).

4. What About Kenzi? – Bo’s faithful sidekick finds herself on the sidelines this week, struggling with the rash (infection) that she suffered from her last visit to the Norn, Kenzi’s got some serious concerns and is looking to talk to someone, but with Bo not around, either working or with Lauren, and Hale super busy with his new Ash duties, Kenzi’s feeling a little bit left out. But should she be worried? Let’s just say that by episode’s end, Kenzi might have more to worry about than having no one to hang out with.

5. Animal Hospital – Watch out for Dr. Nemo and Dr. Bob. At least one of the pets at the Better Way clinic might be up to no good, and let’s just say there’ll be a reward for viewers who are more of a dog person in the end. And also, would you use a clinic where the office pets are listed on the directory? I mean, the Better Way’s supposed to be new agey-y, but come on…

6. Who’s That Guy? – The primary suspect in the case is Dr. Palmer played by Derek McGrath. McGrath’s had roles in several movies and TV series across his 40 years in show business, but perhaps he’s most famously known for a pair of Canadian hits: the Jerry O’Connell-starring super-power series My Secret Identity where he played Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate, and the more recent Little Mosque on the Prairie where he played Rev. Duncan McGee. He’s also had recurring roles on Cheers, Dallas and Star Trek: Voyager.

7. Burning Questions – “Could you at least pretend to try?” “Do we seriously have no chocolate in this place?” “That’s it?!?! How do you survive?!” “You think I lack the intellectual whatchamacallit to be a doctor?”

8. I Miss Vex – That is all.

9. How Does it End? – “What are you, and why won’t you go away?”

Next week: Key parties and people goo. And has anyone noticed anything weird about Kenzi lately? (Side note: Last night’s usual airing of Lost Girl on Showcase in Canada was preempted because of the presumption that more people were interested in the Super Bowl than supernatural erotic drama. I’m not sure how that will impact the Sy-Fy schedule, but technically on Monday morning we’re two episodes ahead on Lost Girl as it is. We’ll keep you posted.)

‘Lost Girl’ Pre-Cap – Killer Croc?

If you’re a regular reader of Nerd Bastards, you will have caught my Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2012 list, in which Lost Girl finished in the number one spot. So with the premiere of season 3, I’m sure some of you might have wondered if we might do something more in-depth with the show, and we answer: Of course!

But what?

You see, I’m Canadian. (Hold your applause.) And since Lost Girl is produced by the Canadian cable network Showcase, we get new episodes of the show a whole week before you Yanks, and a thought occurred to me. Now was the time for an entirely new kind of TV journalism: the Pre-cap! It’s not as detailed as a re-cap, because you haven’t seen the episode yet, while at the same time, hopefully, giving you a little bit more to wet your appetite than the average preview. The result, I hope, will a fun and unique way to revel in the fandom of this unique Canadian hit. Or should we say Faendom? Actually, no, let’s stick with fandom.