While many people surely thought the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why was just another sappy teen drama, the show (which was based on the novel written by Jay Asher) instead proved to send one hell of a powerful message that is concerningly relatable to real life.

The show tells the story of Hannah (Katherine Langford), a high schooler who took her own life for the aforementioned 13 reasons, which are fleshed out in each episode by highlighting the specific ways that the people in her life wronged her thanks to a collection of cassette tapes… whether they realized it or not. This device allows us a look into Hannah’s tormented life as she navigates high school — at times invisible, at times a target, and at times something in between. It also presents itself as something like a horror story because this is a girl who had a support structure and people who cared about her. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Especially when weighed against the ample hell that some face. (more…)

Accomplished filmmaker Tony Scott, the man behind such hits as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Enemy of the State, died Sunday afternoon from an apparent suicide near his San Pedro, California home. According to authorities, Scott jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro at 12:35 pm local time. The coroner’s department and LA port police report that he jumped “without hesitation,” and that a note was found in his office.

There’s been a lot of initial speculation as to why Scott, brother of Prometheus filmmaker Ridley Scott, might have killed himself. Scott has enjoyed a recent string of box office successes as director including last fall’s Unstoppable; he is also an accomplished producer on the big screen (Prometheus and The Grey) and the small screen (the upcoming mini-series’ Coma and World Without End  and the ongoing series, The Good Wife on CBS). ABC is reporting that Scott had recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, which might have driven him to suicide.

Tony Scott is survived by his wife Donna and their two children.

Update: Digital Spy is reporting that Scott’s family is denying the reports of a brain tumor or other serious illness.

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C-3PO: The Suicidal Service Droid

c3po kills himself in a bathtub

Made of circuits, filled with wires and fluent “in over six million forms of communication”, he’s covered in gold and loved by all. A few people in this world however really hate the good old C-3PO with a passion that only the Emperor could have. These select people hate this solid Star Wars character enough to create a site site solely based on his destruction. Like a mass of Stormtroopers racing into the halls of Princess Leia‘s Tantive IV they post all about the Golden bodied droid’s killing himself in various ways.

A robot killing itself?

Called c3posuicides, the site consists of various posting depicting how C-3PO could dismantle himself. From being electrocuted in “The Shocker” to getting split in half by a speeding train in “Swing Low”, each accompanied by its own letter of reasoning. Who knew that the droid built to serve would have such a “Dark Side” (zing). If you hate this metal man as much as the poster of the site does you could always encourage him to ‘Do it again’, making yet another depiction of the protocol droid’s demise.

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A special issue of Captain America is being released by Marvel to combat and raise awareness for suicide prevention. Titled ‘Captain America: A little help’ this special issue is for a very serious cause with a special cover for the readers.

Marvel is proud to announce the release of Captain America: A Little Help, an all-new story free to all fans via the Marvel Comics App (for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) and Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited in an effort to help raise awareness of suicide prevention. Written by Dr. Tim Ursiny, PH.D., CBC, RCC and illustrated by Nick Dragotta, this powerful story shows what happens when one man on the verge of suicide is drawn into a chance encounter with Captain America—and he may be the Avenger’s only hope! This story is also available in I Am An Avenger #5, in comic stores nationwide today—both digital and print versions include contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

“Super heroes fight a lot of battles, but there are few more important than combating suicide,” said Tom Brevoort, Senior Vice-President of Publishing. “That’s why we’re making Captain America: A Little Help available for free via our digital comics outlets. If even one person calls this number instead of doing something very tragic, we know that means we succeeded.”

How awesome is it for these guys to make create issue that brings something to everyone’s attention instead of leaving it in the background of your mind. Where most stories in Marvel involve a threat from villains wanting world domination and to conquer a galaxy this is about a person’s internal villain. Something very real for anyone that has been involved with such a tragic event, this is a must read for anyone touched by such tragedy. If a hero dies in the comic books they either get resurrected or replaced by their protege (like Captain America), we however are not so lucky.

Captain America: A Little Help is available right now on the Marvel Comics App and Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited or pick up a copy of I Am An Avenger #5 at your local retailer.

To contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, please call 1-800-273-TALK or visit

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DJ AM performing in California in May.

DJ AM sadly, as it turns out may have commmitted suicide. Sources say he had 8 Oxycontin in his stomach and one stilll in his mouth, leading them to claim he was dead or unconcious before he could even swallow the last pill. He was lying on a bag of crack as well.

Anyone who knows what only one Oxycontin does to you knows that 8-9 pills at once is suicide.