The star of The CW’s superhero television series Arrow, Stephen Amell, is a a great guy who is constantly doing lovely things for his fan. Even when he spent several months feuding with – and eventually wrestling with –  WWE superstar Stardust did he manage to do something to make him a real life hero. He used the attention of his feud with Stardust and their match at SummerSlam to generate a whole lot of money for charity. (more…)


This summer’s biggest celebrity tiff will come to head at the end of this month. That’s the result of events last night when Stephen Amell, star of the CW’s Arrow, came face-to-face again with his arch-nemesis the Dark Archer WWE wrestler Stardust on Monday Night RAW. It had been building up to this all summer, and naturally, matters were not resolved in one hour of television. Yup, in case you missed it, this is going to SummerSlam, in a fight that will have dramatic implications on both men because wrestling is totally real. But seriously folks, can Amell overcome without his trusty bow and arrow, and even trustier members of Team Arrow? (more…)


The equivalent of the celebrity stunt casting in professional wrestling is the celebrity beef, when a wrestler calls out a celebrity over some imagined slight and the two end up facing off in the ring together. One recent participant was Jon Stewart, whose “feud” with Seth Collins caused a ratings bump when the Daily Show host turned up on Monday Night RAW. Fortunately for the short and untoned Stewart, wrestling is fake and he was able to come out of the encounter unscathed, but what if a wrestler were to face someone who could legitimately be a threat. Someone whose day job (and now summer job) is playing a superhero/vigilante? Stephen Amell: Llllllllllllet’s get ready to rumble!!!!! (Maybe. If the rumor’s true.) (more…)