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We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about which X-Men, past and present, will appear in the upcoming sequel, but who’s being left out of the loop? Well, it appears that everyone’s second favorite telepath may be one of the mutants who will sit out the next cinematic chapter of X-Men, at least that’s according to her portrayer, January Jones.

Talking to Collider while attending the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Jones let it slip that she doesn’t know much about X-Men: Days of Future Past, up to, and including, whether or not she’s in it.

“I don’t know that I’m in it, I don’t think Emma’s in this one,” she said. “Well they haven’t told me if I am.”

Weird, right? Considering that X-Men: First Class ended with Emma being recruited into the first iteration of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by Magneto (Michal Fassbender). But according to Jones, she didn’t even get a chance to read the script for First Class until she was on her way to the set, and besides, everything she’s heard about the film, she’s not even sure where Emma fits in.

“It’s called Days of Future Past I think, and I think it’s more about James [McAvoy] and Michael [Fassbender] and then Patrick [Stewart] and Ian [McKellan], and I think it’s gonna go back and forth with those so I don’t think Emma’s in those bits. I don’t know, I really don’t know,” Jones said.

Cast members already confirmed for the film include McAvoy, Fassbender, Stewart, and McKellan, along with Nicholas Hoult (Beast from First Class), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique from First Class) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine who’s appeared in all X-Men movies thus far).

X-Men: Days of Future Past is scheduled to be released on July 18, 2014. Expect production to begin sometime later this year, and expect more casting news anytime now.

Source: Cinema Blend

This trailer looks like some crazy love child of the television show Hoarders and Dr Strangelove. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Mike likes making robots, robots for his stop motion robot sex film.

Stop Motion Robot SEX Film

You don’t hear that said much these days. The last time was probably in the recurring ninth grade science club discussion of making a robot . . . a female robot.

“Meaning of Robots” profiles the benevolent Mike Sullivan, who’s been attempting to shoot a stop-motion robot sex film in his small apartment for the last 10 years. Obsessed with constructing the miniature robot porn stars, his apartment overflows with thousands of robots leaving only tiny paths for him to walk, and no place to film.

[Director Matt] Lenski met Sullivan after hiring him to build a miniature set for a Burger King spot with agency Crispin Porter Bogusky. Pleased with his craftsmanship and looking for collaboration on another art project, the director later met up with the talented model maker at Sullivan’s small studio in New York City. Lenski is often drawn to characters with well-defined idiosyncratic personalities and it was not surprising where the inspiration for Robots came from. [ScreenMag]

After you take a look, let NerdBastards know what your favorite quote from the clip is in the comments section below. I’m struggling to decide between:

“And here’s one with dangly balls.”

“And he also has a f*ckable butt.”


It’s a bummer of a day for fans of comedy as it is for certain that Kevin Smith will officially be retiring once he finishes his upcoming film Hit Somebody. Most folks who have been following Smith are well aware of this. We actually reported this back in November, but it wasn’t official then. For those who doubted the fat man, he recently spoke at a screening of Red State during the Sundance Film Festival, and announced his retirement.

Leave it to Smith to go out with a bang (literally and figuratively!)  Hit Somebody is a story about a hockey player who doesn’t just has a love of the game but a love for fighting as well.  The cast is rounding and consist of Kyle Gallner who just worked with Smith on Red State and Nicholas Braun a rising star who has done a few small projects and will hit the big screen is the newest Disney, High School Musical type movie, Prom.

It is fitting that Smith would go out this way , in a fucking heaping pile of controversy that would make for a great Kevin Smith film itself.    His recent film Red State has created quite a bit  fuss due to the events of the film focus on an outrageous evangelical pastor and the people in the town who blindly follow his irrational ways.  The film’s plot even has the disgusting pile of crap known as the Westboro Baptist Church speaking out against the film. Also, Smith will be distributing the film himself by going on tour and also only plan to promote through nonconventional ways. It’s unknown what Smith will ultimately do, but it’s speculated that will “instead focus on helping other people make movies. Whether this means that he will be serving as a producer or continuing to write is unknown.”

Oh Kevin Smith, I will miss your crude humor and endearing work like Mallrats, Jersey Girl and Zack and Miri.  What about Clerks you may ask?? (yes, I know I like the most random Kevin Smith films!)

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