Sunday Schedule


So Sundays at San Diego Comic Con are not the best days. Sure, a lot of people are packing up and getting ready to go home, and the best stuff that gets all the attention in Hall H happened on Saturday, but for the truly nerdy, there is still so much you can do or see. Want to know how to build your own R2 unit? Done. Want to see a live reading of Animaniacs? No problem. Want to learn more about Fox’s beloved franchise extensions Prison Break and 24: Legacy? You’re gonna have to wait till Sunday. SherlockSailor MoonLEGO, how to be a successful writer, are all panels unfurling on Sunday at this year’s Comic Con.  (more…)


The last day of Comic Con. Wah-wah. I don’t know why I’m getting sad, San Diego Comic Con hasn’t even begun! But somehow, getting to see its Sunday schedule only reminds me it’ll be here and then over before we know it.

All right, no more moping, because while the Sunday schedule may be a little light it’s featuring one of the most anticipated panels of the weekend: BBC America‘s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

Expect stars Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman,  – in her first Comic Con appearance! – showrunner Steven Moffat, writer Mark Gatiss, and An Adventure in Space and Time star and Doctor Who guest star (as well as Argus Filch of the Harry Potter series, and, oh yeah Walder Frey from Game of Thrones, dude, this guy is in a lot of stuff) David Bradley.

What will they have to share with us!? Who knows! As usual, it’s all very hush hush. I’m hoping for a 50th Anniversary trailer, one that’ll be available online soon after because I couldn’t bare it if those not attending – i.e. ME – didn’t get to see it. Maybe some surprising reveals about the anniversary special, and I’d love to see some footage from the docu-drama, especially of Bradley as the First Doctor, William Hartnell.

Otherwise, Hall H is all TV on Sunday with Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Community, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia panels. On the comics end, there’s a Neil Gaiman spotlight I’m sure will be unmissable. Beware the Batman will have a screening at its panel, so if you want an early look at the new Bat-toon, there you go. Me? I’d definitely be there. But then there’s also a costuming panel with the 501st – no better Star Wars cosplayers in the galaxy – and the classic, NES Ducktales game is getting remastered! It’s an early panel, but may be worth dragging your hungover ass outta bed for.

Below the cut you’ll find the complete Sunday schedule. And if you missed any: Thursday | Friday | Saturday. Also, the maps of the showroom floor have been released, better take a look over to plan your attack properly. And hey, if you’re attending, make sure you check out our Comic Con prep, packing, and survival tips.