Cadmus. Cadmus. Cadmus. It’s all about Cadmus, the super-secret, non-governmental organization created and run by Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong), mother of Lex, wife of the non-dearly departed Lionel, and adopted mother to Lena (Katie McGrath), the one “good” member of the Luthor clan . In Season 2’s fifteenth episode, “Exodus” (not to be confused by the barely remembered Ridley Scott debacle, “Exodus: Gods and Kings”), Cadmus has put it’s anti-alien agenda into horrifying action, snatching unsuspecting, law-abiding aliens (of the outer space/interplanetary kind) from everyday activities like driving a car, having a drink in a “mixed” bar where aliens and humans freely mix, or calling a bookie to place a bet on National City’s Knights. It’s all bad news for the aliens and good news for Cadmus and their not-so-secret supporters in and out of the U.S. of A. (more…)