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The paradoxical existence of Transformers: The Last Knight has generated its fair share of intrigue. It’s got King Arthur! It’s got Nazis! It’s got Anthony Hopkins! What, oh what, are we to make of this entire enterprise, and will this finally be the Transformers movie that’s a hit with both fans of the franchise and fans of huge, mindless action movies? It’s doubtful, but it’s going to be fun watching Michael Bay try, and more than that, Bay is actually making the point that this movie, perhaps his last Transformers picture, will be the one to make us all believers! Are you ready for some Bayhem?!?!?! (more…)


Every year the Super Bowl Ads take center stage on the Internet in a rush to get the most bang for those millions of bucks spent for those precious 30 seconds. This year is no different. We’ve got two car companies, Jaguar and Kia taking the Super Bowl Ad plunge. They both use some big names to drive home their points. (more…)

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Super Bowl time is a time of rejoicing for many sports fans. But even if you don’t happen to be a football aficionado, you can still get some pleasure from the Super Bowl, for it is also the time when marketing companies go out of their way to promote anything and everything. Further, this year the commercial barrage is going to show off some of the big-budget movie blockbusters that will be hitting during 2014. So which trailers can we expect, you ask? Scroll down to find out. (more…)

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This year’s big football game thing is going on right now, and the adverts are rife with movie trailers this year.  But why bother with having to wait through all the kicking and throwing of balls when you can just check out the trailers all in one spot at your leisure?  We here at Nerd Bastards, in our dedication to making your life easier, have gathered them together and present them in one, easily-found location.  Check em out after the jump.