Super Mario Galaxy


If there’s one thing to remember about 2010, it was the year where we got to see many talented nerds showcasing their singing powers. From one man bands to one man a cappela’s, we’ve seen many this year. Well,  we have another one for you to watch and listen, to end your twenty ten from a returning singing power house.

Diwa de Leon and his epic collection of hats is back as he has released his medley of Super Mario Galaxy. The medley is filled with 5 memorable songs from one of the greatest Wii games. Master Diwa also shows more musical talent as he busts out 6 instruments to help make this medley happen.

Check this epic video out and see the talent that comes out of the Videogame Violinist’s mouth. Speaking of talented mouth, my girlfriend can vouch for me that I have some talents with my mouth… by sticking so much food down it.

Source: Japanator; Image from Technabob


The internet provides us many things that range from cute puppy videos to awesome beat down clips and of course, videos of girls and their lovely boobs bouncing. The internet also provides us some great mash-up videos here and there and today I found one that just feels right.

JimLad decided to mash both Super Mario Galaxy game play video and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now together and the video below is what came out of it. Check the video out as it’s well made and it also gives you another reason to listen to Don’t Stop Me Now.

Source: Dorkly