Super Power Beat Down

The Joker and Harley Take On Deadpool and Domino in SPBD #16

super power beat down

Ever since that historical moment when two comic book geeks managed to find themselves in the same room together, the question of which super hero or villain would win in a fight to the finish has been an inevitable topic of discussion. One team of YouTubers decided to make a career out of these great debates and thus, Super Power Beat Down was born. So who’s up this time around? Why, it’s a tag-team match consisting of none-other-than The Joker and Harley Quinn and they’re facing off against an equally chaotic pair in the form of Deadpool and Domino. Scroll on to watch the video and see what everyone has to say about this particular match-up. (more…)

Batman Vs Darth Vader

With lines such as “I’ll take my Science over your magic anyday,” and “you do not know the power of the dark side,” the 14th Episode of Super Power Beat Down is an uber treat for nerd enthusiasts the world over. Pitting Batman against Darth Vader in this epic web-series has made it a candidate for the “one” to beat hitherto. The production quality of the Super Power Beat Down’s are always top-notch, but this episode is a tour de force. (more…)

From the same team that brought you the Batmobile Showdown, comes answers to a debate that has long raged in comic book stores. Batman vs Wolverine, who would win in a no holds bared fight to the finish. Super Power Beat Down, the web series devoted to pitting two nerd icons against each other, had arguably the two most popular characters in comics go face to face with interesting results.

I do have to add my two cents here. I am not entirely sure I agree with the results, however I am comfortable that it was a very close call. Think you know who’d win? Watch SPBD’s outcome after the jump.


Nerd Fight! Vader Vs Gandalf

From Deviant Art by Mornienor

Ever wondered who would win in a fight: The Dark Lord of the Sith or The Grey Pilgrim? For generations (well, like two), men have searched for the answer to that question, and now the gang behind the Super Power Beat Down have made a convenient web video to answer that question once and for all.

The effects are pretty solid, and its got some high production value in there, but be advised, if you don’t like how the fight turns out, it was the fault of the internet. The results were made via online voting. Like American Idol… with magic and Force lightening. And no singing.

Source: Blastr

Finally, we can have a definite answer to which is the superior Batmobile thanks to Super Power Beat Down, a new webseries from Machinima that seems to be some sorta of Mythbusters meets stuff I have thought about since I was six.

The first episode pits the classic George Barris design from the 60’s TV show against the sleek and iconic road demon from the 1989 Tim Burton blockbuster in a good old fashion street race. Host Marisha Ray  lets two comic geeks (Damian Beurer from The Comic Book Nerd and Andy Liegl from debate, then we get the specs on each car and then? They RACE!

For my money, George Barris Batmobile wins. Always. In All ways.

Hit the jump to watch, email me to place bets. ( does not condone or promote gambling, wagers will not be honored.)