Super Street fighter 4


If there is one thing that will always creep me out to a certain extent, it would be the whole realistic art thing. Just something about each one that makes it to the internet has something creepy about them and yeah, just bugs me.

Anyway, Samuel Cazetta Arlindo, who goes by the name Cazetta on deviantART, has been doing some realistic art by bring some video game characters and two anime characters to life. Arlindo bought six characters from the Super Street Fighter 4 cast (Ryu, Sagat, Abel, Gouken, Dudley and Dhalsim). As for the anime characters, Arlindo decided to bring the two androids from Dragon Ball Z, Android 19 and Dr.Gero/Android 20.

Click the jump button to check out the images Cazetta has done as they are all done very well and see if you get that creepy feeling that I get.

Source: Comics Alliance, Cazetta’s deviantART Page



I could start off with some Real World joke but I’m tired and I’m not that lame as seeing how these pics are not lame at all. Kode Abdo shows off his Photoshop skills with these realistic Street Fighter 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 characters.

According to Abdo, it all started with the Sagat picture where he found a model picture in which he thought looked like the Tiger Uppercut fighter. Add in Photoshop and the rest is history. Check out many of the fighters after the jump and tell us which ones are your favorite.

Source: Comics Alliance, Abdo’s Home Page


Super Street Fighter 4 Trailer

Well, well, well…. I remember when Super Street Fighter came out for Super NES, I was a young lad of 12 years old. I saved my nickels and pennies and scampered down to my local (Now Bankrupt) Knapp Video and bought it for the NEW additional characters!!! I was a Serial Rapist with Chun Li. My cousin Derek(R.I.P.) and I had a running competition for most wins…We stopped at 77 and 1. Derek gave up, but I admit, he had an¬†enthusiasm for constantly losing that I have never seen in anyone else.

Now hot on the ass of Street Fighter 4, we got the infuriatingly unoriginal Super Street Fighter 4! Having seen, but not played the new game, this trailer looks Hot like Hudgens! Thanks to ToplessRobot for the tip, and to point out that, yes, its a little too soon. Now MY theory is that to capitalize on the huge success of the new stylized game, they are releasing this, just…Well,yeah, out of sheer greed I suppose. I hate to say, that I didn’t buy SF4, but now I may buy SSF4….I know, I’m a whore to consumer entrapment. It works on me, god be damned, it works!!!!