Star Wars: The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey

The South-by-Southwest Film Festival is currently in full swing, and the lineup of events, panels, and screenings for the week-long celebration of movies is impressive, to say the least.  Recently, the festival hosted some of the top behind-the-scenes brass from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to chat about the making of the film in advance of the movie’s home-video release. (more…)


They’re cute, they’re naive and they’re our first and last line of defense against rampaging supervillains, invading Kaiju and the occasional cosmic catastrophe brushing past the planet. Since their 1998 debut, Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles have been Cartoon Network‘s most lasting franchises, earning them 2.5 billion dollaridoos in merchandise alone.Which is why the channel decided to plan a a bombastic comeback…



Finally, the rumor mill can grind to a merciful halt: Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) will be recalled from his current assignment feeding the worms and reinstated for the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series. He’s not a robot, or a clone–or a flashback, fantasy, dream, or hallucination. He’s not a long-lost twin or a Skrull impersonator….and Nick Fury didn’t exaggerate his condition so the Avengers would get their shit together in the movie.

Nope, dude was deader than disco–and he got better.

The word came down from His Nerdy Excellency: Joss Whedon at the South By Southwest film festival:

“I’ll tell you guys this, Heimlich,” Whedon joked, before effectively clamming up about the show. “I can’t talk about  it,” he admitted, but said that he did bring Coulson back from the dead for the  ABC drama. “Yes. For realsies.”

As for HOW Coulson will rise from the grave, we still have no information: The Marvel Universe offers a number of options for any character who wishes to defy the Reaper , but none of these methods have as yet been featured in a Marvel film.

As further confirmation, Clark Gregg took to Twitter and began spreading the news of Coulson’s ressurection.


Robert Rodriguez, despite his busy schedule, took time out to grace the stage of SXSW in Austin, Texas and announce that he will start filming for Sin City 2 along with other new projects in the works. After 7 years of rumors and speculation, we get word from on high that Sin City 2 is a go. Rodriguez ended his news on Sin City by assuring fans that filming for Sin City 2 would start shooting this year, around the summer, after he’s finished filming Machete Kills which starts in April.

Casting for both Machete Kills and Sin City 2 have not been set in stone, but Rodriguez assures SXSW goers that the stars in discussion for both films “will be of the same caliber and eclecticism as the first films, which featured Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Josh Hartnett, Don Johnson, and Steven Seagal.” The other news coming from Rodriguez, is the creation his new company Quickdraw Animation, which will be separate from his film company Troublemaker Productions and will focus on creating CG animated featured films.

The first films Quickdraw Animation will be developing Heavy Metal and a family film, which have scripts and are both at the storyboard and pre-production phase. Rodriguez went on to divulge that he has found a way to “streamline the animation process that will greatly shrink the amount of time it takes to produce one…he will keep a core group of 6-8 animators in his Austin-based Troublemaker Studios to mastermind all the story and visual elements before using sister companies to finish the animation.”

While the local Texan in me is glad for the possibility of new jobs being created for all the struggling artists out there, I’m not completely sold on the Animation company being capable of cutting down the time it will take to make a a feature-length animated film. If you look at Animation company’s like Pixar, and Universal Studios take longer than a two or three years to produce a high caliber animated film, but I guess Rodriguez is betting on the “Everything is bigger in Texas” motto to quantify projects being done faster and better.


A documentary called Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines will premiere at SXSW this year, and it’s all about girl power.  In response to the fact that our society places significantly much more focus on the male superhero, this documentary explores the rise and development of the female superheroine.  Powerful women in popular culture are more prominent than they were back in the day when Wonder Woman was pretty much it, and we can expect rates to keep increasing in the coming years.  The documentary uses Wonder Woman as the jumping point for powerful women in comics and other media.  It actually sounds pretty damn interesting, and I would definitely like to see this at some point.

Check out the trailer below!

Hit the jump for the official synopsis.


This documentary from filmmakers Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Kelcey Edwards has already come to be thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, but now they need a little more help to bring the film to the South By Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

Originally titled, The History of the World According to Wonder Woman, the doc, “traces the fascinating evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman. From the birth of the comic book superheroine in the 1940s, to the blockbusters of today,WONDER WOMEN! looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society’s anxieties about women’s liberation.” It features interviews with Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman) as well as activists Gloria Steinem and Shelby Knox.

But the real stars of documentary are kick ass ladies like Ripley, Sarah Conner, Buffy Summers, Xena the Warrior Princess and of course, Wonder Women. In this film these iconic characters get to shine and that’s a cause worth supporting.

Check out the trailer below, it really starts at about the 1:15 mark after a message from the filmmakers.

Their Kickstarter campaign has only 23 more days to go, and they’ve raised $8,452 of their $15,000 goal. These funds will be going to, “professionally sound mix and color grade the film and prepare a festival print,” in addition to getting the film to the festival. Even if you only pledge a dollar every bit helps. Of course, if you can pledge more you could receive some cool rewards.

So come on, spread the word, donate if you can, and let’s help get these sexy, ass kickin ladies to the big screen!

Source: DC Women Kicking Ass

Dance Dance Revolution…The Movie?

If you thought Dance Dance Revolution couldn’t get any more intense, well you are wrong!  Evan Husney, whose been recently named Drafthouse Films ( an affiliate of Alamo Drafthouse), has acquired Brandon and Jason Trost’s The FP, a twisted homage to The Warriors which premiered at SXSW and whose must-watch trailer is below.  The training montage in the trailer is full of references to different films that have shaped our pop-culture, such as: Star Wars, Rocky, The Karate Kid, and much more.  Check out a synopsis of The FP below provided by Drafthouse Films:

Set in a near post-apocalyptic future, THE FP centers on two rival neon-clad gangs raging an underground turf war for dominance of Fraizer Park (“The FP”) in the deadly arena of “Beat-Beat Revelation” – a competitive dance-fight video game. THE FP is a nod to ‘80s sci-fi/action genre fare and is directed by brothers Jason and Brandon Trost (Cinematographer, CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE and the upcoming GHOST RIDER 2: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE), and Executive Produced by Jason Blum and Steven Schneider of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS fame. A limited theatrical release for the “rare ready-made cult hit” (Moviefone) is planned for Q1 of 2012.”

WARNING: This movie trailer has langauge, and bare breasts at 2:10, so it is NOT safe for work.

Funny one-liners, random montages, and it’s clean but grungy style make this an indie film, if made, will make you LOL…in your pants! Here is a list of some random/funny one liners in this trailer:

“Ill be backing your sh*t up to the end.” “For reals?” “For reals.”

“Damn, Sno-Co! What are you for Halloween, a bitch?”

“He wasn’t expecting the unexpected! But it sure as f*ck expected him!”

“Any man can be a nigga. N, I, G, G, A. Never Ignorant at Gettin’ Goals Accomplished!”

“Dance with your mind, not your feet!”

“Now you use that sh*t, J-Trow. You be all the nigga you can be.”

This film is planned for release sometime next year, so would you take the time to watch it or just laugh your way to Netflix and watch something else.


I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about Attack the Block but I’ve gotta admit, I know squat about it. If you’re like me and have only heard good buzz about the U.K.’s sci-fi flick that wowed audiences at SXSW but are still iffy on the details, you’ve got to check out the new red band trailer. It gives a bit more detail than a normal trailer, so if you’re paranoid about being spoiled here’s the first, less fun and raunchy, green band trailer.

This trailer will set you up with what you need to know, but briefly, Attack the Block follows an inner city gang in South London who must fight aliens when they begin invading their neighborhood. Yeah, I’m sold already. But the trailer is hilarious and you should totally give it a watch. Attack the Block has little star power, the biggest name is Nick Frost. But what it lacks in big names it makes up for in over the top action and foul mouthed teens kickin’ alien butt.

ATTACK THE BLOCK follows a gang of tough inner-city kids who rob Sam (Whittaker) as she is walking home in a scary South London tower block.  She flees when the gang is attacked by a small alien creature which falls from the sky.  While Sam and the police hunt for the gang, a second wave of creatures falls.  The gang grabs weapons, mount bikes, and set out to defend their turf.  But this time, the creatures are much bigger.  Savage and bestial, nothing will stand in their way. And the bunch of no-hope kids who just attacked Sam are about to become her only hope.

Attack the Block opens in select cites on June 29th, so keep your eyes peeled for a showing near you.

source: ScreenRant



Every film festival in the world uses a “bumper” before each screening, kind of like a mini-short film to warm up an audience before the actual movie. At SXSW their bumpers lean towards the pop culture side of the film world, after all SXSW is the largest film festival next to Sundance, the largest in Texas. Some films come and go, a few making millions months later, but the shorts are what can really grab a person’s attention and superglue their ass to their seat. These SXSW bumpers are now online. In between all the mini-films and shorts however was an unlikely updated tale of Nintendo‘s suspenders wearing , princess saving, moustache caring badass Super Mario.

Let’s a go

Simply titled ‘Mario’ this is the secret star of SXSW. Forget all those million dollar projects you’ve been hearing about this here is the cake. Giving the world an updated glimpse of Mario, Peach, even a human Bowser (aka: Yuppie Prick), this independently filmed marvel is awesome. Most people would have Mario as an ever cheerful guy [Spoiler: Mario does drugs]. See how many game references you can get in the best 2 minutes of your whole day.

This needs to be optioned as a full-length feature film right now. Even if it goes straight to DVD, it needs to be done.

Check out all the SXSW 2011 bumpers at the SXSW youtube page

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He made us quiver with ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and drool lovingly over ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ but what has Edgar Wright done for the nerds lately. Known for his direction and drive with film, like a porn star holding her breath underwater, Edgar brings something special to whatever he’s involved in, but what has become of the project he put on hold? His adaptation of Marvel comics Ant-man has gone undetected since he finished Scott Pilgrim, citing he wanted to finish filming before he got back to work. Well, it’s been seven months (ironic) since his latest film was released into cinemas everywhere and not so much as a crumb has been out on Hank Pym. Thankfully Wright opened up on how Ant-man is doing as of right now and a special offer he was given by Frank Darabont (I doubt it involves tongue).

What do you want at the shop?

In a chat with The Playlist during SXSW Edgar and Attack The Block producer Joe Cornish gave comment on the current state of the Ant-man project.

“We’re currently working on it, not right now. But the day after tomorrow we’ll go to Los Angeles and…[nods to Edgar],” Cornish said about the status of the film. “We kinda have a stock response now, it’s true to say we’ve been writing it in some form,” “Weirdly, the treatment for ‘Ant-Man’ exists before Marvel Studios.

There was a treatment that Joe and I did when Artisan had the kind of lower-rung Marvel properties and we wrote a treatment for it that exists before ‘Hot Fuzz.’ Basically, when I met Kevin Feige I said, ‘Oh, did u ever get our ‘Ant-Man’ treatment?’ and he had never read it so we submitted it properly like four years later. So it’s something and me and Joe genuinely been working on for nearly a decade and at some point we’ll finish the script.”

It’s been in the works for over a decade and it still isn’t finished, if this was a relationship they would have slept with another writer by now. At least they’re getting to it even if it’s in some form. SXSW was a lucky event for the man, as he was given an offer he’d be foolish to refuse. When your first film is a zombie epic, making yourself internationally known, you eventually return to what made you a hit.

During his chat with Collider, Edgar revealed an offer his was given to work with AMC and the ‘Walking Dead’ series:

“Frank [Darabont] asked me to do a Walking Dead, actually. But I feel that there’s some subject matter that, like, even though it’d be great– and I love that show: I actually watched four of the six episodes uninterrupted in one run; it was like zombie Pringles– I think that with something like that, with some TV shows, you wanna be in on the ground floor… I really enjoyed the first season, and I wouldn’t wanna be the guy that comes in and fucks it up.”

If I were Edgar I’d be getting those cricket bats all polished up and ready for another swing.

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