In a little over a month, audiences will get the chance to return to the world of Jurassic Park for the first time in nearly 14 years. Now the series hasn’t exactly been tied together with tight, Marvel-like continuity, each movie features a new group of characters and a couple of holdovers from the original, but still, when Jurassic World was announced, fans wondered who all from the first three movies might turn up. But curiosity about Jurassic World casting has had a bizarrely racist angle. We, the fans, have been merely concerned about what human characters will be making a re-appearance in the film, but what about the dinosaur characters? It turns out that a certain fan-favorite in that category will be popping up again in the new film. (more…)


Shortly after the first Jurassic World trailer hit, which focused a lot of attention on the new genetically modified D-Rex without really actually showing what might be the most dangerous creature on the planet, a picture of the D-Rex has hit the Internet. While that is interesting, there’s another little tid-bit found on the Jurassic World website that might get many long time Jurassic Park fans even more excited. (more…)