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ABOVE: You can’t get much better than gaming and wine can you? Joel Griffin Dodd converted an old wine barrel into a fully functioning Donkey Kong tabletop arcade game. I need one of these in my living room… and I also need to know what happened to all of the wine that was in the barrel, because I need to drink it.   [Obvious Winner]



Web content is the future. And the queen of nerdy web content is Felicia Day. Not surprising at all then, Day is bringing her flair for the geek to YouTube with a brand new channel. Geek and Sundry, launching April 2nd,  will focus on the very best of indie geek culture. There will be shows hosted by Day herself as well as Wil Wheaton, Veronica Belmont, Tom Merritt, and Paul and Storm. Also expect guest appearances by Grant Imahara, Jenna Busch, Colin Ferguson and lots more.

In addition to all the new content, Geek and Sundry will be showing season five of The Guild starting April 10th.

Here’s the trailer featuring all of the channel’s upcoming shows,

Here’s the channel lineup,

Monday: The Flog

Tuesday: The Guild (Season 5 starts April 10th)

Wed: Dark Horse Motion Comics/Written by a Kid (July 16th)

Thursday: Guild extras (New Bonus Content!)

Friday: Tabletop/Sword and Laser (With alternating bonus material!)

Now I’m subscribing to this channel, I’m already subscribed to Nerdist’s new channel, what other YouTube channels should we be checking out?

Let the YouTube TV revolution begin!