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Recent NerdBastards interviewee Chris Hardwick is well on his way to becoming the most successful celebrity nerd this side of Simon Pegg.

Hardwick started in stand-up comedy before co-hosting MTV‘s Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy. Later, he began what is easily the most well-known nerd podcast in existence: The Nerdist, which is now also a talk show on BBC America. For 2 years he did Web Soup for G4, and on AMC he hosts The Talking Dead, a panel show that focuses exclusively on the popular zombie drama.

This fall Hardwick will begin hosting what Deadline describes as a “comedic panel show that will utilize social media participation” with Funny Or Die and Reno 911! creators Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant on Comedy Central. The as yet untitled late night show will air 4 nights a week after The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

This looks to be not only a new kind of show for Comedy Central, but a new kind of late night talk show: A genre that has not often been known to cater to nerddom.

We will, naturally, keep you posted on any developments.

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AMC Wants A ‘Walking Dead’ Talk Show?

Do you love AMC’s The Walking Dead? Of course you do! Everyone loves zombies! The question is, do you like the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic so much, that would you watch a weekly talk show about it? AMC likes to think you will.

AMC has one talk show already. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Real Housewives. Yea, it’s stupid. It’s about a bunch of Hollywood trophy wives (who look like zombies from the oodles of plastic surgery they’ve had) who sit around and bitch bout their problems. We got kids starving in Africa and these plastic cunts capture America’s attention? Like I said, stupid. Regardless, AMC was so wowed by the success of its Real Housewives talk show spinoff that it’s already shot a pilot for one based on The Walking Dead. They might even have Web Soup and Nerdist podcast host Chris Hardwick be the man behind the desk.

According to Vulture:

This would indicate that AMC is considering a launch of the as-yet untitled project in conjunction with this October’s return of Dead, though we haven’t been able to confirm that (and it’s likely that it would be designed to air after other AMC shows, not just Dead). What’s more, because this was just a pilot, it’s possible there could be format tweaks or that Hardwick might not be a part of the project should it go to series. If AMC decides to move forward with the show in time for Dead, it would likely do so within the next few weeks.

A wrap-up/warm-up to each episode would be a nice way to extend AMC’s current viewership of the series, but how about making sure the  show matches the drama and impact of the comic instead of this talk show nonsense?

Would you tune in for a weekly Walking Dead talk show?

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The Doctor Who clip the BBC didn't want you to see

If you were to look up Awesome in the dictionary, this would be the definition.

Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who, appeared on Craig Ferguson‘s Late Late Show Nov. 16. In honor of the occasion, Craig Ferguson and others performed a delightful song-and-dance routine that explained Doctor Who to people not familiar with it.

It was unaired.

Craig Ferguson said at the beginning of the show that five minutes before they started filming his producer told him they didn’t have clearance on the music. Later in the show he said that he hoped no unscrupulous person released it to the internet and if they did he’d see that they got promoted

We don’t know who originally leaked the clip, but we salute the the bastard that did. The clip is full of awesome!

I didn’t think I could love Craig Ferguson any harder… I WAS WRONG.