Talking Dead


Let’s face it, The Walking Dead is one of cable’s biggest shows. Besides Game of Thrones, there really isn’t a show that completely captures almost the entire nation week after week on AMC’s juggernaut show. Week after week, the show has continued to impress us as we follow the adventures of Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. As we are about to begin season 7, anticipation is high for the show’s return.


Daryl Dixon

Questions have been left unanswered for almost a year now in regards to the Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon and his sexual orientation. This has been due to actor Norman Reedus remaining evasive and facetious about his characters sexuality whenever the topic comes up in interviews. Now, Robert Kirkman –creator of the comics and procuder of AMC‘ adaptation –has set the record straight on about the sexual orientation of Dixon.  (more…)


Let’s do a quick head count, raise your hand if, when you read this post’s title, you thought to yourself, “Damn, how many after shows can Chris Hardwick host?” That my friends, is a lot of hands. The BBC is launching a new Doctor Who companion series Doctor Who Extra, not to be confused with a show about Doctor Who Companions, but an inside look at the behind the scenes of each episode. How can you tune in? (more…)

The countdown has begun, 72 hours until the zombies once again roam the planet in season 2 of The Walking Dead. AMC‘s breakout hit of 2010 returns this Sunday with more episodes (good), more zombies (better), and more tension then you can put an axe through (jackpot).

With the series premiere slowly dragging itself closer to the 90-minute Sunday night debut, viewers can finally get their first taste of new blood with a special glimpse inside episode one’s “What Lies Ahead”. In this clip Andrea and dale go head to head a short time after the climatic event of season one. Place your bets and check out the clip below.

That looks like a hell of a lot of tension between two people and we can’t wait.

Be sure to visit immediately after the first episode for another video from episode two’s “Bloodletting” and a special inside-look at “The Walking Dead” Episode 1. And be sure to watch the Walking Dead aftershow Talking Dead, hosted by Nerdist’s own Chris Hardwick, immediately after the encore presentation.

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