Tara Butters

Disneyland TV Series Planned For ABC, But What Is It?

Finally, a show about the Happiest Place on Earth. Will it be a show about the making of Disneyland, a weekly hour-long drama based on how truly demented Mr. Toads Wild Ride really is? Nobody knows. What we do know is that Agent Carter Showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have sold an hour-long dramatic television series pitch idea to Disney-owned network ABC. The show is “based on the Disney theme park mythology.” (more…)


Agent Carter has been pretty sly with its callbacks and Easter eggs to other Marvel Studios works so far. Maybe that’s because it gets to be off on its own in 1946, or maybe it’s because, unlike the early days of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Carter doesn’t to use fan service to cover for languid storytelling. Regardless, Agent Carter seems to like to reward eagle-eyed viewers, like when Anton Vanko, father of Iron Man 2 villain Ivan Vanko AKA: Whiplash, appeared in episode two. And if you though there was something oddly familiar about another character in this past week’s episode, “The Blitzkrieg Button,” specifically in the way she fights, you may be presently surprised and pleased to get this piece of Easter Egg hunting from one of Agent Carter’s producers. (more…)


Over the past week or so we’ve seen a lot of TV shows get renewed, canceled, or picked up. It’s like the television Hunger Games out there, and while there have been casualties, more than a few new series coming our way look fantastic (Gotham or Constantine, anyone?)

One of those most promising and most anticipated of the new offerings is Marvel’s Agent Carter, for which we now have this great promotional art (above, click to embiggen) and an official synopsis. (more…)


There have been murmurings of a possible TV series starring Captain America‘s Peggy Carter ever since the Agent Carter film short was so well received, and the murmurings only intensified when Marvel brought their cinematic universe to television with  Agents of SHIELD. Actress Hayley Atwell has also been quite vocal about her enthusiasm to reprise the character were a TV show to happen. And with the news Deadline is reporting an Agent Carter series is looking all the more likely. (more…)