With the expanding TASM universe, one has to wonder if we’ll ever see another character take up the mantle of Spider-Man on screen. If the rumor that Andrew Garfield won’t return for a fourth film is true, then we would definitely have to find another web-slinger to take his place, but could it be another character altogether? Perhaps, the character that took over for Peter Parker in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Miles Morales? Click on through to see what the current Spider-Man had to say on the possibility of passing the torch. (more…)


All sorts of goodies from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have been rolling out since it was announced that the first official trailer would be releasing this Thursday, and today comes bearing more gifts. In addition to the teasers that released yesterday hyping the trailer, and the picture featuring Spidey and foes a few days before that, we’ve now got our hands on an official plot summary. (more…)

Hello followers of  Nerd Bastards. How are you enjoying our nations Independence Day? Personally, I started the day off listening to Bill Pullmans speech in ID4. Then I grabbed case of Samuel Adams Summer Ale. Which, I plan to suck down in preparation for my viewing of The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m seeing it this afternoon then off to some parties. Oh, it’s rumored that one of parties will have a stripper who’s promised to shoot a firework out of here ass. Awesome, right? But I digress. I’m hear to get your opinion on The Amazing Spider-Man. From what I hear, I’ll need to suck down that case of beer…

I’ve read quite a lot of reviews so far, including our own Sarah Moran’s thorough observation of the film. The general consensus seems to celebrate the actors and their small moments, but the rest of the film is hand-fart worthy. I’ve gathered that the retelling of Spidey’s origin — yes, again —, the severe lack of action, the Lizard being a typical silly villain, the muddled narrative regarding Parker’s parents and having to except the whole restructuring of the franchise (only 10 years since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man swung into theaters) doesn’t leave much for Spidey fans to love.

Is that right? Or, does the character development and performances out shadow all of those faults? I guess I’ll find out for myself when I see it.

Tell me though, was this film a solid base on which to rebuild the franchise? Do they have the right actors, and just need refine the storytelling and action sequences a bit more? Sound off in the comments below. Spoilers are expected and accepted.