If you were like me and couldn’t exit the theater fast enough when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 credits rolled, you missed the X-Men: Days of Future Past easter egg that ran half way through said credits.

Don’t fret though — IGN has posted the film’s teaser and it gives a very brief look at Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique rounding up some mutant help and declaring herself (at least temporarily) working without Magneto.


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Just when you thought it would never end, the folks over at Columbia have finally come to the tail end of their Amazing Spider-Man 2 marketing barrage. They have tried everything humanly possible to get you to buy a ticket and spent millions doing it. They have also shown us half the damned movie in the process. This time around, we get the final international trailer as well as one more poster. Check them out below. (more…)

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Fans of the Amazing Spider-Man and the many comic series that the character has made his way through know that the character of Gwen Stacy is not one that lasts for very long in the Marvel Universe. But while Gwen meets an untimely end in the comics, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same fate awaits her in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Still, one has to wonder what’s going to happen. Now, the actress who plays Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone, has stepped up and said a few things about Stacy’s potential fate in the franchise. Scroll on for more. (more…)


Because the folks over at Columbia Pictures feel the need to put out a new bit of footage pretty much every day, we have compiled the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 clips together in one place for you to enjoy. There aren’t too many spoilers here, so don’t worry about destroying all of you viewing experience. Of course, if you’ve watched all the clips up until now you likely know pretty well how the movie plays out. Scroll down to check out the newest. (more…)


It was just yesterday that we got our first look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Green Goblin, in the form of a bust statue. Now, I know, it wasn’t very clear, and who wants to see a blurry picture of a sculpture of a movie character? That’s right, no one! Without further ado, check out this new screen from TASM2 featuring Gobby himself. (more…)


It’s been more or less confirmed that we’ll be getting three villains in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and while we’ve seen up close pictures of both Rhino and Electro, it seems as though Sony has been keeping a clear shot of the Goblin out of sight, even just barely showing him in the first official poster released a few months back. Well, thanks to a video detailing the collectible bust statue, we now have the best look of this new Goblin yet. ***SPOILERS AHEAD***


They are working overtime to convince us that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not going to suck, aren’t they? But cynicism aside, this is the third featurette on the upcoming superhero film we’ve gotten and the movie is still three-and-a-months from being released. So what has Marc Webb and company got for us today? A segment called “Lights, Camera, Action!” Does it feature the lighting? No, don’t be silly. Is it about the type of cameras they filmed the movie on? Nope, which means by process of elimination, this one’s all about the action. I mean, “Action!” (more…)


It’s been pretty clear from the posters and recent trailers that Electro, Rhino and Green Goblin are the foremost villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But who else from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery will be making an appearance? Well, if you’ve seen that clip with the room full of classic villainous weaponry, there is the possibility of something sinister. Nerdgasm on hold regarding what that could mean. The film’s director, Marc Webb has just revealed who actor B.J. Novak will be appearing as. Swing on through the break to find out.


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Some you out there (myself included) have no interest in sitting down and watching giant human beings run into each other for hours on end. We do, however, have a certain desire to see all those fancy new movie trailers that the Super Bowl attracts. So we here at Nerd Bastards, as a courtesy to our non-football readers, have put together the ten big trailers that dropped this Sunday. Some of them are older, some of them are being seen for the first time. So scroll down and get a healthy dose of explosions, fast cars, rampaging Muppets, a double dose of Kevin Costner and Optimus Prime riding Grimlock! (more…)