While Star Wars fans may have to wait until 2017 for the official sequel to The Force Awakens, we still have a lot to look forward to in 2016. This December will bring us Star Wars: Rogue One, a prequel to both The Force Awakens and the original trilogy. Ever wondered how those brave rebels first stole the plans to the Death Star? Who wouldn’t? If it wasn’t for them, the legendary events of the original trilogy would have never happened. This December will finally give us some insight as to how this intergalactic heist took place. With ten more months to wait, December 16th seems like quite a long wait. Fortunately, the first teaser is coming much sooner than we thought. (more…)


Now, granted–it’s 2013, the world has changed, and more than a few card-carrying nerds will be watching the big game this Sunday completely earnestly and without any irony….We’ve come a long way.

Of course, the rest of us will just be occasionally flipping to the Superbowl hoping to catch the commercials….specifically: The Trailers!

This year promises adverts for a number of highly anticipated films, including: Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast And Furious 6, and World War Z….and 3 from Disney: Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, Oz: The Great And Powerful–directed by Sam Raimi, and Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger.

We’ve got the teasers for Disney’s Super-trailers below, starting with Iron Man 3:

Followed by The Lone Ranger:

And finally, Oz: The Great And Powerful:

For those of you who want to see the longer versions of Sunday’s trailers (or who wouldn’t be caught dead watching football), they’ll probably be up online at the same time the game airs–and most likely will be offered for your viewing pleasure right here on NerdBastards.

In less than a week we’ll be bidding goodbye to The Doctor’s longest lasting companions – of the 2005 reboot, anyhow. The Ponds, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will be leaving the TARDIS for good and fans are bracing themselves for a heart-wrenching and tearful goodbye. In the lead up to the mid-season finale several hints, teasers, and clues have been released for us to ponder. Collected by SFX and Doctor Who TV here are 26 SPOILER-laden clues as to what’s happening in “The Angels Take Manhattan.” The bolding is courtesy of Blastr who highlighted the particularly curious and cryptic of these teasers. Be wary of spoilers and put on your thinking caps,

It’s a good ‘un. Great central concept, good new twist on the Angels’ MO

It’s a weepie; Moffat was telling the truth about that

It’s a truly memorable companions’ goodbye episode, but it doesn’t go over-the-top

There’s a very long and very creepy precredits teaser

There are some spectacular effects, including a TARDIS materialization

One of the most memorable images doesn’t quite make sense if you think about it, but it’s a bloody good image so best not to think about it too much

Be prepared for any kids in the room watching to issue a continual stream of, “But they looked away! He blinked! She was looking!”

The film noire feel is spot on

Ming makes an appearance

There are a lot of Moffat’s hastily delivered, off-the-cuff explanations, so pay attention

The Doctor makes some final checks

If you want to read too much into one revelation, Steven Moffat probably doesn’t consider episode titles as spoilers

New York feels very underpopulated

Some wrist action may be vital to the future

Stay till after the end credits

Lightbulbs make another appearance

“I won’t let them take him”

A family trip to the pub is ruined

“Just you wait until my husband gets home”

The Doctor wears reading glasses now. Reading glasses are cool

“There’s a car out front. Shall we steal it?”

There is a very distasteful line read by The Doctor at the beginning

“Rory, do I have noticeable lines on my eyes now?”

The Doctors pockets keep getting deeper and deeper

“Amelia, I am so, so sorry”

There is a scene that is very reminiscent of one from 2010′s “Cold Blood”

All right, lay on me with your wild speculations! What does this all mean!? What the hell is “wrist action”? What could be this “distasteful line read by The Doctor”? Any thoughts?

“The Angels Take Manhattan” airs on BBC One, BBC America and SPACE this Saturday at varied times depending on time zone.

Because we can’t wait for Game of Thrones to return to HBO on April 1st, and we know you can’t wait either, here’s some cool Game of Thrones stuff to help tide us over. HBO has released a slew of new posters featuring your favorite characters and some of your favorite quotes. Hardly anything new here, really, but they’re pretty awesome posters. I would love to have a few of these to decorate my place with, wouldn’t you?

In addition to the posters there’s a new behind-the-scenes video, too. This one focuses on what it’s like to be an extra on the epic, fantasy production. You hardly notice them, but they play a huge part in bringing Westeros to life. Check it out below.

Source: Comic Book Movie

And the sneak peeks keep rolling in. Now, I know these have all been basically trailers for other trailers, but you’ll still watch them. Why? Because we’re desperate, desperate nerds and we absorb any and everything about the things we love.

First up, a teaser for G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘s Super Bowl spot,

Okay, I lied. I didn’t watch this sneak peek. Why? It’s for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Even when paid I won’t watch this, I was burned too bad the first time. But I’m sure some of you loved it and good for you.

UPDATE! Here’s the full Super Bowl teaser for G.I. Joe: Retaliation,

Okay, this full teaser I watched and I have to say I’m slightly, just ever so slightly, intrigued. Bring in The Rock, a full on look at Cobra Commander, and a lot more Snake Eyes and I might reconsider my current ban on any and all G.I. Joe movies.

Next, a teaser for a trailer that’s not even advertising a movie! What is this world coming to? Here’s a sneak peek at Transformers: The Ride-3D,

Even Optimus Prime can’t convince me to spend more money on anything relating to Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. Maybe the full trailer will during the Super Bowl, but only if it airs late in the game and I’m already sufficiently hammered.

What do you think about either of these teasers? Do you want to see either G.I. Joe: Retaliation or Transformers: The Ride 3D?

Sources: Coming Soon (2), /Film

“The Walking Dead” Season Two Teaser

The Walking Dead season two teaser premiered last night during the commercial break for the season four opener for AMC’s other great show Breaking Bad. If you are not watching Breaking Bad I urge you to Netflix, Hulu, or just steal your neighbors dvd set of the series and catch up, it’s fantastic writing, acting, and cinematography.

OK, I’m stepping off my Breaking Bad soapbox and climbing up on my The Walking Dead pedestal. What can I say about the Walking Dead that allows me to praise the show without gushing like a 6 year old girl with a new My Little Pony? Screw it, I’m gonna gush. The show is the greatest thing since sliced bread and free porn downloads. When people tell me they haven’t watched the show or “GASP” didn’t like it, I want to go running into the woods, grab a big rock and . . . wait a minute, this sounds familiar.

Tron 3 Villain Revealed?


There has been a lot of stuff coming out recently regarding the sequel to Tron: Legacy, nicknamed Tron 3 (or Tr3n) by fans.

A few weeks ago, we reported here that a teaser linking the events of Legacy and its sequel was leaked online, entitled “The Next Day.”

Now, a new teaser has been leaked online by the same individual who leaked the previous one. This one contains a conversation between Ed Dillinger Senior and Junior, discussing just how dangerous Flynn could be.

This video appears to lend credence to the belief that Dillinger Senior and his father, the Master Control Program, will be the “bad guys” in Tron 3.

But, keep in mind that Legacy did not do really well in theaters, so the odds of a sequel are slim. But, with the buzz from these teasers and DVD/Blu-Ray sales … you just never know.

What do you think? Do you think Tron: Legacy deserves a sequel?

(Article by nerdbastards contributor Matthew Jackson)

The BBC has just released a couple of new all-too-brief trailers in an effort tide us over until Doctor Who returns about a month from now (Who doesn’t wish they had a TARDIS to jet them to April 23 right now?). One is a new 20 second teaser for the Doctor’s sixth series, and the other is a 20 second teaser for a prequel webisode with a premiere date of March 25 (which is Friday, for those of you keeping score).

The prequel will be the first of three webisodes set to premiere ahead of the two-part season-opener. According to the BBC, these webisodes will introduce us “to the world the Doctor will collide with in the next adventure and watch carefully… was that the new monster..?”

The teaser itself doesn’t give many clues to what the prequels will reveal or whether there’s actually a new monster, but it does provide brief glimpses of what seems to be The White House, as well as a ringing phone and lots of foreboding. We’ve already seen full length trailers showing The Doctor in America (He wears a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.), so it seems he might be coming to the aid of another world power this season. The prequels are written by Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat, so you can expect lots of eerie mystery and no small amount of crafty foreshadowing.

As for the teaser for the series proper, it’s also quite slim on information, but it does offer a key phrase: “Silence Will Fall,” first uttered in Series Five’s premiere, “The Eleventh Hour,” and recurring throughout the year’s story arc. The Doctor squeaked by the nemeses of the last series, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone, now does it?

Also, if you look closely during the opening seconds, you can see what looks like a portion of a giant eye. That eye looks not unlike the Atraxi, a race of giant eyes that also first appeared in “The Eleventh Hour,” through a crack in the universe, no less. The series ended with questions unanswered, so it’s quite possible these creatures may soon be returning, perhaps along with more answers about…silence.

Only one thing is certain: the new season is shaping up, in true Steven Moffat fashion, to be positively timey-wimey.

Doctor Who returns in ‘The Impossible Astronaut,’ airing April 23 on BBC and BBC America.