Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man’s most well-known arch-enemies, a once well-intentioned scientist turned monstrous by a lab accident that fused a set of four mechanical arms to his body permanently. When Doc Ock was created in the 60s, the idea of mechanical assistant arms like those was science fiction, but the Germans seemed to have now caught up to make fiction fact by reveling to the world – da, da, dummmmm – working Dock Ock-ish arms. (more…)


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ABOVE: Male or female, nerd or non-nerd, ANYONE can appreciate the majesty of these Swarovski crystal-encrusted, handmade Batman heels from the Etsy store Wicked Addiction. [Fashionably Geek]


Not just another Spidey tee: This shirt comes with an honest-to-Crom ultrasonic motion sensor sewed into the back of the neck that can supposedly detect moving objects from up to 5 feet away. The “Spidey Sense” shirt will make its first public appearance at SDCC, but will not be available for purchase until October. [Fashionably Geek]


Got any friends who you think could be personally responsible for the unpleasant stereotype of nerds as poorly groomed? Fear not! This Integrated Circuit hairbrush by Think Geek is the perfect gift for the unkempt nerd in your life….Remember, it’s Comic-Con season: Our people are going to be all over the mundane news–let’s try to look presentable, eh? 😉 [Geeks Are Sexy]



Because deep down I’m still about six years old…

If you are too, you can order your own Zombie Boogers at the aptly named site–Enjoy! [Laughing Squid]


If you’re done with your good-natured chuckle over the Zombie Boogers, it’s time to soil yourself in abject terror. That is the Combat Alpha/Big Dog concept, and while it is supposedly ONLY a concept, it’s still gonna cost me a few night’s sleep. I mean we just found out our government (and I’m addressing American readers exclusively) has us under 24-hour surveillance…Bad enough when all we had to worry about was CIA spooks, now Big Brother can send in effing K-9 to waste anybody who gets on their bad side?

Canada is looking better and better. [Geekologie]


Hostess brought Twinkies back just in time for some creative individual to come up with these brilliant, and scrumptious-looking Minion cupcakes (as in Grue’s Minions from Despicable Me–if you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple years). This photo comes to us via Long Island radio station WALK 97.5

My only objection is that they all have two eyes….

[Laughing Squid]


Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, the live-action webseries based on the immensely popular FPS franchise has been nominated for a Prime-time Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design.

I’ll be honest here: I’ve never seen this series, mostly because I’m not a Halo player (I’m a Playstation man), but it’s hard NOT to be impressed by a webseries about a video game getting nominated for television’s highest honor–even if it is only a technical award.


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Swarovski crystal

E3 Update: The Wii U Gampad

The E3 expo has begun and Nintendo has tried to underwhelm the Microsoft conference in a big way, revealing the final design of it’s new gaming peripheral the Wii U Gampad. While it isn’t as big as revealing a new console or AAA game, but it’s a start on drawing attention away from the big green machine and PS3.

Formerly known as the Wii U touchscreen, this final design of the new controller will still feature a touch screen interface, but with a subtle difference from it’s predecessor.

Instead of the dual sliders featured in the previous edition of the Wii U seen last year, this new controller now features dual analog thumbsticks, a much more acceptable way to control your gameplay. The real benefit will be to the developers though, as trying to figure out how to make a multiplayer game with sliding controls was a bit of a hassel. Also changed was the location of the start and select, allowing for easier selection from the player.

If this touch method isn’t your thing, Nintendo has you covered with the Traditional Pro Controller, also unveiled today.

To hear more about E3, keep your eyes glued to, where we’ll have all the nerdtastic breaking news, and recaps of all the big presentations. Speaking of which, check out our look at the Microsoft presentation, which went hardcore in their effort to knock down the walls between devices, and also beefed up the capabilities of the Kinect.

Source: The Daily What

We don’t really need to reminisce about how we yearned for the day when we would get to ride our very own Hoverboards from Back to The Future Part II. It’s suffice to say we all wanted one. Well, 80′s enthusiasts… have we got significantly awesome news for you, because the fictional floating board of your dreams is here! Doing the seemingly impossible, YouTuber dondula7 has recreated nerdy of the most extreme order. A real life floating hoverboard that actually works. Well, sorta. Here’s the catch you can’t stand on it (bummer).

The hoverboard “uses a two pairs of electromagnets to float the hoverboard in the air, and laser stabilization to keep it steady.” Although the board does not support the weight of a human, it is strong enough to float up to five pounds.

Sadly we’re not any closer to a floating board that will scoot us to the cafe 80′s, but this is a step in the right direction.

Source: Gizmodo

As of August 12th the price of the Nintendo 3DS in the United States will drop in price from it’s regular $249 to a more inexpensive $169. If you’re living outside the states fear not, other regions will be getting a similar price break in their respective currency. This new $169 might still be a little heavy for some, but a least it’s not the $249 to $299 you’ll be paying for a Playstation Vita.

What if you’re one of the 830,000 US gamers that have already shelled out the dry bones to play your handheld in 3D? Nintendo has you covered there offering gamers that have already logged into their eshop at least once (before the price cut) 10 free NES virtual console games September 1st, plus 10 more Game Boy Advance virtual console games — that Nintendo doesn’t plan on releasing to their public audience — before the end of the year. It look’s like a great deal…for us anyway.

The company’s investors are a bit worried though, with Nintendo planning on selling 16 million 3DS units in the financial year this is a plan that better work. If this doesn’t it has the pontental of becoming the second worse thing Nintendo has done- next to making those god awful R.O.B, fingers crossed Nintendo.

Follow the jump for Nintendo’s full press release

You wake up one weekend and decide that you’re going to play that Playstation 3 beside your televison only to discover you can’t log on. “That’s ok” you think to yourself, maybe it’ll be all patched up tomorrow. Now try doing that for the last six days, that’s right, six days of Playstation users unable to act like 12 year old children. Such a bad time for all this to be going down, with Mortal Kombat just released and Brink only weeks away, it’s a safe bet a few $300 systems were tossed out of a window in pure rage. The rumors haven’t been too get great either with reports that it was all Anonymous, credit card information being stolen, right down to rumors that arrests were made by the FBI. It’s like high school all over again but with less wedgies and more insults. Since the online network has been shut down for almost a week just what has been going on with Sony and the Playstation network?

Sony a no-no

The full story has yet to be released to the public other than an outside source hacked into Sony‘s servers and created a security breach. Yes, a group or a single person bent Sony over the table and hacked them like a prison shower scene, in response Sony shut down their online network so they could work on updating their security. It’s great and all that they’ve decided to do this to protect not only themselves but the people they serve, the only problem is that they haven’t really spoken about just what in Kevin Butler’s good name is going on.

This is Playstation Network’s first major crash since the service has been available for almost FIVE YEARS and that’s quite a feat to hold on to, that was until the breach that sparked more rumors then the end of a Doctor Who episode. Internet social media guardians Anonymous did say that attacks on Sony should be done but they have claimed no wrong doing in this matter. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also been rumored to have issued up to 40 arrest warrants due to the outage based on a story from website Gamesthirst, this was confirmed false by Kotaku. Bad enough people can’t perform a teabagging in Call of Duty right now, it’s just a shame to stir the pot and piss even more people off with a fake report.

Good new is you can still go on Netflix, access your Internet from the system and get a constant rotation of system updates. Hopefully they’ll be able to get the network back into working order soon and with minimal damage to their image before it’s too late. The exectutives at Sony will have to make sure that they pay their nerds in technial support a little better for all the hard work they’ve been doing. You don’t want this happening twice in one year, let alone once in five.

Via: Geek Tyrant

Modern Times – An Internet Gem


Modern Times, a short film that’s been floating around the web for a few months but that only recently came to our attention. Created by Bruce (BC2010) it’s a beautiful little film that shows how talent trumps money every time. While the big guys continue to batter the public over the head with over used or nonsensical 3D effects and big money stars, individually talented people bring us surprisingly wonderful films with soul like Modern Times.

I love the little touches in this film. The book he is reading is “The Making of Kubrick’s 2001” by Jerome Agel. The short film has that 2001 feel to it and it’s a nice little nod to a groundbreaking Stanley Kubrick film.

The use of the Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times is another interesting choice. Modern Times was the last silent movie made by Chaplin. At the time most movies being made were “talkies” and Modern Times was seen by many as Chaplin’s attack against progress and the advent of the machine age.

It’s these kind of touches that add bottom to this little piece. If only the big boys would take note. “Sigh,” I guess not, their to busy with their latest technological toy to bother with story, characters, pacing, and depth.

So Charlie cries.

Via: Quiet Earth
D.O.P: Richard Mountney
Lighting and Camera assistants:
Simon Mountney, Tom Mountney and Robin Mair
Film Excerpts and Music used under a strictly non-profit basis.


Let’s pause for a moment and create a scene. You and your chick walk into a movie theater, sit down in the last row, look around to see if anyone’s watching, and then start a five-course make-out session that involves some minor clothes-removal. Rated PG-13 for sexuality.

Well my friends, those days could soon be gone, unless you are into the whole being-video-taped-thing, and if you are…ick…at least in public anyway, I’m all for crazy shit behind bedroom doors, of course.

Apparently, in order to fight piracy (aka illegal recording of movies) some theaters have decided to strategically place cameras in the theater in order to catch your every move. As of now, the cameras are able to detect recording devices in the audience and then sets off an alarm to alert management. The company, Aralia Systems, is now in the process of enhancing the program in order to scan audience reactions (emotions and expressions), to gain data on how crowds react at certain moments during the movie.

“Within the cinema industry this tool will feed powerful marketing data that will inform film directors, cinema advertisers and cinemas with useful data about what audiences enjoy and what adverts capture the most attention. By measuring emotion and movement film companies and cinema advertising agencies can learn so much from their audiences that will help to inform creativity and strategy,” Dr. Abdul Farooq.

So, now I have to be part of a focus group? Well, if that’s the case I should be getting paid to lend out my services! Free movies for all!

What do you guys/gals think of this new technology? Is it invasive of one’s privacy? Is it a good way to stop piracy? Will it stop piracy? Would you go see a movie knowing these devices were being used?

Let me know your thoughts.

Sources: Myce and Geekologie

We’ve all run across a few strange gadgets out there. Hi-tech, low tech, goofy, kitschy, sleek, useful, whatever…there are a ton of them. This list barely scratches the surface of what we’ve seen over the years…but these ones stand out. We’ve compiled this list of our favorites, which we now award “The Nerdies” — which one is your favorite?theBevy1. Handiest Gadget at the Party:  — Notable for its clever uses as an iPod shuffle case and earbud cord manager on a  keyring, this is already a crowd-pleaser. But what pushes this into the top of the crop for consideration in “The Nerdies” is the Hell-Yeah feature….the bottle opener! Who’s the coolest dork at the office party this year? The dork with The Bevy. That’s who.

heatupkneepads2. Fastest to Get You Beat-Up:  — We’re not sure where and when the need for heat-up knee pads originated. And we’re not sure why the stars aligned to allow this abomination to make it out of somebody’s daydream and onto the drawing board. But it did. And with your help, we can stomp-out this awful embarassment. If by some horrible trickery you come across these icky little USB Knee Warmers…please please, lets all agree to attack with full force. Thank you for your support. (more…)