teddy ruxpin


Wicked Cool Toys, together with Alchemy II, is giving new life to an old classic. Much like the work they’ve been doing with Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, another brand is coming back armed with “toys, content and a comprehensive merchandising program”. The toy in question is none other than the blinking, mouth moving, pop a cassette into the tape deck hidden in his back and listen to him read you a story: Teddy Ruxpin. The bear was available between 1985 and 2010, and was so successful upon release that an animated series was spawned in his image in 1987. He was named one of the 100 greatest toys of all time by Time magazine, and he might just be making a comeback to the mainstream market. (more…)

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As a child we all use to watch Saturday morning cartoons. In the middle of our favorite programming were A.D.D. induced sales pitches for toys. After these commercials aired the kids response to the products were “gimme gimme gimme” or “mine mine mine.” How could they resist! After looking back and researching I was also brought back to the “gimme gimme, mine mine” days. So here is your list! An homage to all the toys you may have wanted. I also urge you to find some of these toys today! I think the lucky bastards that got them are still holding on to them!