Terminator 2


That’s right; despite the track record of previous Terminator games, it looks like they’re going to be making another one; well, at least another one, maybe more. Most likely aiming to cash in on the release of the fifth movie, which is due out in 2015, Reef Entertainment has acquired the rights to make officially licensed video game console adaptations of the first two Terminator films.

Here at Reef we are huge fans of (the) 1984 & 1991 sci-fi action master-pieces. It’s an incredible opportunity and an equally huge responsibility to create a game that does great justice to the motion pictures. We are studying all aspects and influences of the Terminator universe defined in ‘Terminator’ and ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day.’ We have started on our journey and are drawing on all the diverse materials available to produce a high quality, authentic and exciting Terminator video game.

While the first two in the series are easily the best Terminators, I always worry when I see the words “officially licensed,” especially when it coincides with a release date of a related movie. Considering the other Terminator games, and the fact that they were crap, I’m not too optimistic that the trend is going to be bucked on this one. Anyone out there looking forward to another Terminator game, or, even another movie for that matter?

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It’s impossible to become a badass babe. If your a femme fatal, you come out of the womb with a gun in one hand and sword in the other. You naturally exude a combination of toughness, self-reliance, vulnerability, and sexiness. A badass babe doesn’t follow any rules. They will maim and blow up everything that gets and in their way and do it while wearing the least amount of clothing as possible.

Movies and television are chock full of these badasses and here are the top 10 bitches you don’t want to fuck with.


Awesome Terminator 2 Figures


Have you seen this toy? Where is Sarah Connor? Yeah, those are just two of the quotes my boss and I say at work in order to survive through the day. NECA just revealed their new Cult Classics: Terminator 2 Series 3 figure and bah gawd they are just screaming with Arnold’s voice. The series features two characters, the T-800 and what I can’t believe that it took them this long, the first ever T-1000 figure in their toy line. There will be two versions of the T-800 and the T-1000, basically normal version and the battle damage version, just like the T-800 pictured above. I’m really digging the T-1000 Pescadero, the battle damage one, as it comes with two heads (heh, head). Check after the break for images of the other figures or else I hope you have enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it through your stomach and break your goddamn spine! (I know, wrong movie but still good ol’ Arnold). (more…)

Terminator 2: Judgement Rap


DJ Mayhem and MC Mouthmaster Murf, the lyrical legends behind the Predator and RoboCop rap-ups, are back once again to tickle your funky bone with the single greatest Terminator 2 synopsis ever spit. It takes 9 minutes for them  to appropriately summarize the finest of the Terminator series in rhyme. It gets kinda obnoxious after the first few minutes but it will give you a good chuckle.

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