Terminator: Genesis


So the new Terminator film just got real because they’re no longer calling it Terminator: Genesis, they’re calling it Terminator: Genisys. Sure, it doesn’t matter that my spell check is telling me that this spelling of “Genesis” is incorrect, and it doesn’t matter that the production gave us no other detail about the curious spelling other than the fact that this is Terminator: Genisys now, and assume that we’re just so exciting about a new Terminator movie that we don’t care if its subtitle makes no sense in any Terminator context we know about. More on that, and a special message from the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, after this… (more…)


Hello Nostalgia! Because someone, somewhere, might possibly want to see it, it seems like a third Conan movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger may still come to fruition. A sudden update the other day reports that the script is almost complete, and with fingers crossed and hopes high, the film itself could begin shooting as early as next year. The only thing standing in the production’s way? Studio approval. But the producer thinks that this will become a reality, and he seems to be already stoking the hype machine to make it so. (more…)

Doctor Who - Series 7B

Breaking nerd news today at Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions have announced that Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, is joining the cast of Terminator: Genesis. Smith is obviously a huge get for any sci-fi property after his years on Who, but what is the part he’s going to play in this new Terminator reboot, relaunch, reimagining, rewind, etc? That is a very good questions…. (more…)


We thought it would never happen. But we were wrong. After months of speculation, weird rumors, weirder casting, and other bumps along the way, the fifth Terminator movie, Terminator: Genesis, began shooting yesterday with an eye not just on a summer 2015 release date, but to be successful enough to kick off a whole new trilogy of films. There’s a lot invested in the project, not just in terms of literal money, but in terms of this being a huge franchise that could make vast sums of money in a way that has yet to be exploited. (more…)


I like robots, especially ones who want to just massacre people. It’s pretty much why Saturn 3 is my favorite movie ever (well, that and Harvey Keitel’s weird ass dubbed voice). So you can imagine how much I want to celebrate two new Terminator movies potentially being put into production, back-to-back. Spoiler: my celebrations involve tapioca pudding.



It’s a rare position for a young, up-and-coming actor to find themselves in, but Dayo Okeniyi has been in a tug of war between competing franchise reboot movies. Yes, young Okeniyi was being pursued not just by J.J. Abrams for Star Wars Episode VII, but by Alan Taylor of Terminator: Genesis. Both films are the latest attempt to keep their indomitable and historic franchises relevant, and both are due in theaters in 2015, but only will feature Okeniyi in a main role, and that’s Terminator: Genesis(more…)