Arguably, the Terminator franchise has been in a slump. After two classic and awesome films, the franchise has been having diminishing returns (at least critically). The last film, Terminator Genisys was the least receptive of all the films surrounding the war of mankind versus Skynet. So much, that the further sequels had been canceled after that film. Lucky for us, earlier this year, James Cameron announced that he would produce the new films, to give them his touch that has been desperately been missing in most of the sequels and even though Paramount Pictures wasn’t going to make future films, the franchise was in no way “terminated.” It looks like their franchise star actor is ready to return as well.


Here’s an unusual story for a Friday night, perhaps even more unusual given the already strange turn of events that have followed the development of the Terminator franchise. What started as a time travel slasher movie in 1984 became one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, and despite numerous attempts to keep the gravy train going – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator: Salvation, and Terminator: Genisys – Hollywood just can’t seem to make Terminator work, at least not without its creator. Perhaps that why there’s news tonight that James Cameron is plotting a Terminator comeback, and he’s bring a special new friend along with him. (more…)

The franchise could be coming back from the grave of mediocrity.Terminator: Genisys was released last year, plenty of fans considered it to be the official death of the Terminator franchise. Even with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role, Genisys still disappointed fans with its numerous plot holes, contradictions, and overall disregard for the franchise’s mythology. As if the cold reception from fans wasn’t bad enough, the film absolutely tanked at the domestic box office. Even an amazingly delicious burger at Red Robin couldn’t get more people to see it. Sure, it was able to find financial success overseas, but by then the damage was already done to the film’s reputation. The franchise indeed seems to be dead and buried, but its star begs to differ.



by…rising a machine or something.

Hey Internet, do you like movies about ineffective robots that go back in time to muddled and defective plots riddled with holes? Then do we have a movie for you. Yes, Terminator Genisys is out and it is not good so we turned on the microphones and were unnecessarily harsh on ol’Arnie’s new movie. (Young Arnie was mostly saved from the rancor because he’s not really real.) (more…)


Abducted and probed thoroughly and lovingly by aliens or rednecks, Jeremy and Jason made their escape after a month in captivity, their only motivation to go home and podcast for you fine people. So… here’s the RadioBastard Podcast, live (taped) and in living color (it’s audio).

On the show this time: Raptor Strike Force Bravo (Jurassic World), The Rock vs. Skyscrapers, depressing Disney cartoons, Jason shouts at SDCC attendees, and one more sexy primate.

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If you’ve never checked out Epic Rap Battle’s (ERB) channel on YouTube, you’re seriously missing out. They have both historical and pop culture icons face off against each other in amazingly intricate rap battles, and let the viewers pick the winners. Two of my favorites have been The Wright Brothers vs. The Mario Brothers, and Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare. Their most recent battle took a turn for the sci-fi, pitting The Terminator vs. RoboCop, and both parties certainly brought their A-game!



Are you excited for Terminator Genisys? After being bit by Rise of the Machines and Salvation, it is easy to understand if your excitement for the upcoming sequel/reboot is a bit muted.  After James Cameron’s seal of approval, however, chances are that Terminator fans will be more than a bit happy with the new entry of the 30 year old franchise.  Even with Cameron’s (who wrote and directed the first two, i.e. the best, entries in the franchise) backing of the film, franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t resist drumming up some excitement for the flick in the best possible way. (more…)


Those wacky Predators are like the Scooby-Doo Gang of the universe – they seem to cross-over with just about anybody and anybody famous.  Over the course of their time in our pop-culture crosshairs, they’ve ran into the Aliens, Batman, Witchblade, Judge Dredd, Superman & the JLA, the Terminator, and even very recently, Archie and his crew from Riverdale.  There’s a ton more encounters that are encompassed in fan fiction, too; one particularly well-done version has recently hit online and is making the pop-culture world take notice.  (more…)

2014 TCA Winter Press Tour - CBS/CW/Showtime Panels - Day 2

You remember the Conan the Barbarian movie, right? Not the horrible Jason Momoa flick from 2011 that is sometimes used by the CIA to torture prisoners into giving up information but the REAL Conan the Barbarian movie released back in 1982?  THAT movie was badass and starred The Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of the most action packed movies that audiences had seen at that time.  The movie was a financial success that led to the badass sequel, Conan the Destroyer.  Since Arnold’s return to the big screen, fans of the Conan series have been clamoring for the next badass sequel that was promised to them a couple of years back: Legend of Conan.  Well, Conan-ites, your time has arrived.  According to its producers, Legend of Conan begins shooting this year.   (more…)


I may be in the minority here, but I am looking forward to seeing Terminator: Genisys this summer. We may have been burned twice before with James Cameron-less sequels to The Terminator, but I will say there’s potential here by going the nu-Trek route and rebooting the franchise with time travel. Plus, certain respect must be paid to Alan Taylor, who as a director definitely has a better track record than either Jonathan Mostow or McG (either before or since their Terminator outings). Speaking of Terminator, we’ve been given our first look at the new look for the T-800, in its skeletal form, for Genisys. (more…)