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Here we go again, another day, another Batman Vs Superman casting rumor. This one is interesting though. Sources are saying that Warner Bros has approached Academy Award-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix to play the part of the main villain in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. The notoriously unpredictable actor is the latest in a long line of names mentioned as potential unknown bad guy in the movie, but he is apparently the frontrunner. So what are they waiting for?  (more…)


A lot of the casting speculation around Batman Vs Superman the last week has been decidedly more superhero-focused, like who’s playing Nightwing and Wonder Woman. Lost in the hustle is the real question in Superman casting, who’s playing Lex Luthor? The Man of Steel’s biggest bad was decidedly absent from the Man of Steel movie (although there were hints we was around), so it’s all but certain he’ll play a part in the sequel, but who will fill his decidedly evil shoes? A new answer has emerged, and it maybe that those shoes will be filled by an actor best known for being a pig-hunting man of mystery with an unhealthy attachment to a mystical island in the South Pacific… (more…)

The American military drama Last Resort isn’t alone in it’s cancellation this past weekend. ABC also announced the cancelation of David Wilcox‘s creation, 666 Park Avenue. Recent events with hurricane Sandy helped deal the fatal blow to the sets of 666 Park Avenue, including damaging Manhattan’s The Ansonia. The cancelation news was just the last shovel full of bad news piled on top of an already steaming pile of problems for the series.

Loosely based on the novel of the same name by Gabriella Pierce and starring Terry O’Quinn, Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable, Robert Buckley, Mercedes Masohn, Erik Palladino, Helena Mattsson, Samantha Logan and Vanessa Williams the hourly drama was already in a tough spot. Ratings for the drama slipped to three million viewers less than when the show debuted back in September. Sadly, it means it was only a matter of time before ABC put the axe down, but you’d think they would have cancelled that God awful show The Neighbours before they went after something with such promise.

666 Park Avenue had both a strong direction and cast backing it up, guess they doesn’t count for crap in network television these days.

ABC will however allow both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue to finish out their 13-episode seasons. After the shows wrap up with their final episodes you’ll have to wait till their DVDs eventually come out to force some kind of Family Guy style revival.

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For a show that handled cliches and homages well in its pilot episode, ABC’s 666 Park Avenue might have overdone it with its second episode, ‘Murmurations.’

The episode opens with a cute wink at the audience, as resident devil-in-charge Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn) surveys the foyer of his apartment building and all of its lost souls while You Belong to Me plays in the background. It was cute but almost too cute. This show walks a fine line between creepy and campy and should avoid leading with the latter.

From campy to boring, the catalyst for this episode is Jane (Rachael Taylor) packing up Mr. Barlow’s belongings. In case you’ve forgotten, Barlow was eaten by his wallpaper last week. As far as Jane knows Barlow skipped out for Vegas and left all of his items behind. Here is where the show delivers what should be its big scare: Jane hears murmuring behind the wall and when she goes to investigate she is attacked by a Hitchcockian swarm of birds that break through the wall and barrel through a glass window only to fly right past Gavin Doran’s office.

The show overshoots again with the birds, worse than it did with the opening sequence. One bird would have been creepy but the onslaught of starlings, or murmuration of starlings to be precise, was too much. Just as this show needs to tread lightly with the camp, it needs to remember that subtlety is horror’s best friend.

The murmuration of starlings promises to be more than just a one off scare tactic. Delivering the only eerie line of the night, resident clairvoyant kleptomaniac Nona tells Jane, “Don’t mess with the birds. They’re part of the Drake.” So what are they? Devil’s minions? Lost souls of the damned? Whatever they are, let’s hope the writers have a solid plan. Well woven mythology could be this show’s saving grace.

With an episode title ‘Murmurations,’ one would expect subtlety, not over the top scares. The title is a nod to the name for a flock of starlings but metaphorically it is meant to refer to the Drake’s dark past whispering to Jane in the middle of the night and continually haunting the Soul of the Week, Danielle. Jane’s dreams about a murder that occurred in the 1950s ties her character together with Danielle, a long time resident of the Drake whose only desire is to be loved.  The resolution of Danielle’s story was solid and heartbreaking. Without giving away too much, her story paints Gavin as less of the slick Dealer of Souls we saw in the pilot and as more of a Steward of the Damned.

In fact, Gavin is much more layered than he originally seemed. His interactions with Henry (David Annable) initially seem geared toward corrupting the young lawyer but as it turns out, that was all a ruse. What Gavin really wants is not for Henry to become damned but for Henry to become a hero. A hero for what we don’t yet know. It’s no doubt a battle between good and evil, possibly of apocalyptic proportions. It would be interesting if 666 Park Avenue played with those concepts a bit and revealed the Dorans to be on the side of good, rather than the standard demonic fare we believe them to be.

What would be really nice is if Henry could be a hero and save us from his dreadfully boring wife Jane. Her bland characterization is obviously intentional but it does not play well on screen. There is a way to play a compelling everywoman and Rachael Taylor doesn’t know how to do it. Jane’s character needs an actress who can convey nuanced emotions without a word and not someone who went to the Kristen Stewart school of lip-biting-to-show-every-emotion-ever. When this show gets canned it won’t be because the story failed to captivate, it will be because Taylor failed to captivate.

Maybe she’ll get eaten by wallpaper. That would be interesting.

For now, we seem to be stuck with her. Let’s just hope next week’s story picks up the pace, backs off from the cheap shocks and has more of the Drake and less Jane.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

When will musicians learn to stop selling their souls to the devil? Apparently never.

ABC’s new Sunday night drama 666 Park Avenue opens with the classic cliche of the violinist who has sold his soul for fame and now it’s time to pay up. The writer’s (show creator David Wilcox) use of this cliche right out of the gate is a great choice. It tells us exactly what type of show we are watching.

This isn’t American Horror Story. This is a straight up classic occult horror story. It’s fun classic horror built on the standard mythos of a smooth talking, deal making, devil who has one goal – your soul.

The show shifts gears from it’s dark opening scene to the light, happy and in love couple of Henry Martin (Dave Annable) and Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor). He’s a suit and she’s blond and bright. She’s also currently unemployed and applying for the position of building manager at 999 Park Avenue. The building, a gothic New York City luxury apartment building known as the Drake, is the true star of the show. As you’d imagine, the sets are pretty impressive. They do a great job at conveying an opulence that is somehow both foreboding and inviting. The directing and camera work contribute a great deal to this. There are also subtle touches thrown in, like rotary phones, that make you feel a little bit outside of the comfort of the modern world.

But as great as the backdrop is, this show works because Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn sell the hell out of it as building owners, and devils, Olivia and Gavin Doran. Williams is deliciously evil and O’Quinn’s role as her husband is the perfect mix of sinister baddie/condescending father-you-don’t-want-to-disappoint.

The cast of 666 Park Avenue

The Dorans have struck a deal with every resident in the building. The Dorans live on the 13th floor, obviously. Much like the violinist, there’s a writer who has sold his soul to write a hit Broadway play. Unfortunately, he spends too much time leering at his hot neighbor who’s always prancing around naked in front of her window. There’s also a zombie. Sadly, she never eats anyone’s brain. She stays alive as long as her husband kills the people Gavin Doran tells him to kill.

The show doesn’t spend a lot of time exploring their motivations and it isn’t going to deliver intense character studies in every episode. The central story is the mystery surrounding the Dorans and building itself, like that creepy ghost in the basement. The residents are simply a means to that end.

Although Jane takes seems to take up the most screen time she’s not the soul the Dorans are after. They want Henry, a young hotshot lawyer who works for the Mayor. Still, it seems that the real reason Jane and Henry moved into the Drake is to allow the viewers to uncover this demonic universe. Every bit of their characterizations scream “Plot Device!”. Jane has a background in architecture, so her professional curiosity gives her a reason to explore every inch of the building. She gets even more of a reason to dig around when Gavin tells her, that because of her knowledge of historic architecture, he wants her to assist with the building renovations. And one has to wonder how much of a wizkid lawyer Henry actually is, he doesn’t even read the rental contract before he signs on the dotted line. Whoops.

There’s nothing new here but that’s what makes it cool. If you nerd out for classic occult stories, you’ll be delighted by this and have a fair amount of fun. And that’s the key word here – fun. 666 Park Avenue isn’t high drama and it’s not meant to make you think. It’s horror candy and for that reason, it’s deserving of a spot on your Sunday night TV watching schedule.

This fall, ABC is looking to take a stab at the supernatural thriller genre with their upcoming show 666 Park Avenue.  The basic premise revolves around an evil apartment building called The Drake that sucks people in by using their desires against them.  One of the actresses involved described it as a mix between Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining.

But before you get your hopes up, first realize that it’s being produced by the same folks who made Pretty Little Liars.  It stars the usual fare of mostly attractive people, including Vanessa Williams, Dave Annable and Terry O’Quinn, and no doubt promises all sex and melodrama that one would normally expect of ABC, with a smattering of horror.

A recent video shows some footage from the series along with a few of the stars talking about the show and their roles:

This Nerdbastard = not impressed.

What do the Nerdreaders think?  Potential for an interesting and spooky show, or more of the same old sub-par genre crap?

If you wanna check it out, it shows up in September 30th, airing at 10PM ET on ABC.


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JJ Abrams Pitches an “Odd” New Show


Hopefully you guys haven’t had your fill of J.J. Abrams yet because this guy is busy throwing more stuff our way.  Most recent, is a pitch for a show that would star Lost actors Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson. The storyline involves the two as ‘former black-op agents’.  The show is talked about as being a comedic-drama and may possibly be titled “Odd Jobs” and would involve the two being ‘suburban hit men’.  So what do you guys think, does this concept sound cool or like a shitty USA Network show?

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