A lot of pretty pictures of cars have been released so far in promoting Transformers 4, but what about the one thing we see every Transformers movie for: human characters.

Well get a load of the gallery below. Courtesy of Dee Dee Yelverton of the Taylor Daily Press, here are some set shots of new franchise star Mark Wahlberg on the Taylor, TX set of the film. Aside from just showing Marky Mark mill about on set, there are a couple of interesting pics including a shot of what looks like a rusting Optimus Prime and a billboard paying tribute to those who dies in the Decepticon siege of Chicago in Dark of the Moon.

What surprises does Michael Bay have in store for us? Maybe you can find some hints below…

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Robert Rodriguez, despite his busy schedule, took time out to grace the stage of SXSW in Austin, Texas and announce that he will start filming for Sin City 2 along with other new projects in the works. After 7 years of rumors and speculation, we get word from on high that Sin City 2 is a go. Rodriguez ended his news on Sin City by assuring fans that filming for Sin City 2 would start shooting this year, around the summer, after he’s finished filming Machete Kills which starts in April.

Casting for both Machete Kills and Sin City 2 have not been set in stone, but Rodriguez assures SXSW goers that the stars in discussion for both films “will be of the same caliber and eclecticism as the first films, which featured Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Josh Hartnett, Don Johnson, and Steven Seagal.” The other news coming from Rodriguez, is the creation his new company Quickdraw Animation, which will be separate from his film company Troublemaker Productions and will focus on creating CG animated featured films.

The first films Quickdraw Animation will be developing Heavy Metal and a family film, which have scripts and are both at the storyboard and pre-production phase. Rodriguez went on to divulge that he has found a way to “streamline the animation process that will greatly shrink the amount of time it takes to produce one…he will keep a core group of 6-8 animators in his Austin-based Troublemaker Studios to mastermind all the story and visual elements before using sister companies to finish the animation.”

While the local Texan in me is glad for the possibility of new jobs being created for all the struggling artists out there, I’m not completely sold on the Animation company being capable of cutting down the time it will take to make a a feature-length animated film. If you look at Animation company’s like Pixar, and Universal Studios take longer than a two or three years to produce a high caliber animated film, but I guess Rodriguez is betting on the “Everything is bigger in Texas” motto to quantify projects being done faster and better.


Emo + Faux Fox Tail = Werewolf?

howl-of-the-werewolf-by-martin-mckennaArroooo! Meet me at Hot Topic!

We all know high school can be a scary place. You’re at an age where you aren’t sure who you are or where you belong. Hey, we’ve all been there it’s just part of growing up. Having said that, I feel as though I have EVERY right to rip into these silly douchebags with the full force of my insanity- due in part to a hellish high school experience. 🙂 You see how that works?

In my day (high five for sounding old) there were your basic groups Jocks, Preps, Nerds, Goths, Rednecks, and Fat Chicks. (1 guess where I was). I realize I am not “hip” to what the kids are doing these days but, in all of the gayest, gay, gerbil in the asshole things I have done (wait…) and seen other kids do, this is at the top of my “Oh, my fucking god you’re a walking lolz.” list.Wait for it… Teen Werewolves.


Several schools in San Antonio Tx. are reporting groups of  teen “werewolves”. A note to parents; If you don’t want your kid to go out of the house looking like a dick perhaps you shouldn’t buy them balls, ya get me? You know what you should see this first hand, OH SNAP! We got a video!

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