The 100

The 100 has never been a show about easy answers, so did you really think they’d come back with a plan to save the planet after one episode? Hardly. But this week’s episode seemed less concerned with solutions than it did in exploring how the weight of making those decisions affects the decision makers. Once again, confronting the hard choices and bitter truths about pure and unadulterated survival, The 100 says outright this week that coming through the other side of the pending radiation bath is not going to be as easy as even the most conservative of hopes. I just hope that the writers aren’t painting themselves into a corner. (more…)

In so much as a show like The 100 can ever be comforting, it was only a few minutes into the season premiere, while surveying the damage wrought by A.L.I.E. and the City of Light, we see Clarke and Bellamy, back-to-back, ready to take on the future again. If there was a missing ingredient to the divisive third season, it was that we were robbed of seeing this power not-a-couple doing what they do best: saving the world, and themselves, on an improvised wing and a prayer. Looking into the maw of thermonuclear suffering and death, I think we can feel good about our chances. (more…)


It’s a terribly kept secret that there’s too much good TV to watch; for every series you manage to finish watching, there’s two more already queued up and ready to binge. It’s an embarrassment of riches, as in you’re embarrassed when people ask you if you’ve seen the hot new show and you’re forced to answer “no” because, hey, there are only so many hours in a day… That’s what you need semi-professional critics for. In reviewing the last 12 months, and looking at the plethora of sci-fi, superhero, horror, and other genre TV shows, we’ve paired it all down to a Top 10. Here, in our humble estimation, are the Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2016! (more…)


Oh what a contentious season of The 100 this has been. There have been deaths as big as they have been controversial, there have been rushed storylines, and sudden betrayals by beloved characters, but it all comes down to this final hour and the effort to save the world from A.L.I.E., the bad artificial intelligence with good intentions. As these things go – 100 finales that is – everyone is on the brink of death and defeat waiting for Clarke to pull a last minute rabbit out of her hat, and this one sees the Commander of Death go into the Matrix to look the enemy in her face and perhaps accept a fate worse potential, and immediate, death. (more…)


A three-pronged assault on A.L.I.E. ended in failure last week, so what can The 100, and whatever allies they have left, do? How about the unthinkable. While no one would have blamed Clarke and the others to breakdown Hudson-like shouting “Game over! Six more weeks and out, man.” That’s not how this group rolls. If beating A.L.I.E. is mission: impossible, then the 100 is the bloody IMF, but what possibly could they do with what was literally their last hope turning her back on them and refusing to become the Commander? The only thing they could, which is appealing to the only other Night Blood they know is left. (more…)


Now that’s what I call a season finale! Except this wasn’t the season finale. This was two episodes out from the season finale. The 100 raced through its antepenultimate episode of season three this week, as no less that three parties tried to launch an attack to end A.L.I.E. and all with the exact same result. It would have been interesting if the season’s big bad had been eliminated by the time the credits rolled on “Red Sky at Morning”, but something far more interesting awaits the intrepid members of Skaikru: how do you beat the bad guy when you’ve exhausted all options? (more…)


It’s hard to quantify this episode of The 100. On the one hand it feels like a place holder moving pieces around for the finale, and on the other a few highly consequential things happen. On the one hand it feels like a bottle episode with a large portion of it taking place in flashback on the Ark, and on the other a primary location gets a pretty radical makeover. “Join or Die” refocuses on the bigger picture as A.L.I.E.’s conquest of Polis seems total, and the fate of those residing there are now in the hands of a known liar, and the guy that every Grounder once wanted dead. (more…)


In seeing the preview for this week’s The 100, it was easy to recognize that they were definitely trying to provoke a horror movie vibe. The episode’s title, “Demons”, took the theme even further, but this is no Exorcist-style scary story (that was last week), the demons in the title are ones of the characters’ own making, as in the one’s that come back to haunt. The great thing about a show like The 100 is that it can wear just about any genre for an episode, and “Demons” unfurls like a slasher film as the group’s return to Arkadia does not go as planned thanks to an unexpected guest. (more…)


If “Nevermore” was an eagerly anticipated episode for one reason, it was the reunion of the core group of The 100 for the first time since the *ahem* incident at Mount Weather at the conclusion of season two. Under siege, on the run, and desperate to save one of their own, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, and Sinclair try to rid Raven of A.L.I.E. once and for all and crush some very hurtful truths in the process. The episode’s focus is all about that classic line of one of The 100’s direct predecessors, Lost, for the 100 this week must confront the fact that they must live together, or die alone. (more…)


The 100 is a show that when it’s firing on all cylinders it manages to out-Walking Dead The Walking Dead, that is to say it’s a survivor drama that is unafraid to push its characters with real stakes and real consequences rather than, say, let an endangered character slide effortlessly under a dumpster that sits suspiciously high off the ground. Consequences are top of mind this week, especially following last week’s pivotal death, and the 40-some odd minutes of this week’s episode used those consequences to raise the stakes on a number of key storylines, and in the end, turned the tables so that it will once again be up to The 100 to reunite and save the day. (more…)