The A-Team

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Rebooting classic pop culture properties is an all too frequent practice. Hollywood mainly does it with movie licenses, but TV? You don’t see it as often but it does happen. Usually the shows that get the reboot treatment come and go so fast that audiences barely become aware of them. Such as the case with the 2011 reboot of Charlies Angels which only lasted 4 episodes. Or you have the reboot of Wonder Woman which didn’t even get to air its pilot episode, it was so bad.

Given the track record with failed TV rebootenings, will The A-Team fair any better?  (more…)


What’s up bastards! Here we are with another installment of NerdBastards’ weekly DVD Tuesday feature. We list what came out today and recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. We got quite the new releases (5 to be exact) today as it seems the home releases may be back on track (yay, more work for me).

I’m also introducing the new I’m too Special to Come Out on Tuesday section as there is one release coming out on Thursday and all I have to say is that it’s the freakin’ owl movie. As always, we have the Old is New section and the TV Show DVD section.

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He ain't jumpin' outta no plane.

He ain't jumpin' outta no plane.

Back in our parents’ day, there was a song called “A Town Without Pity.” It was a decent song, but I kept wondering why someone WOULDN’T want pity? Having pity means that Mr. T is around, with his pitying every fool he meets! So in honor of his “jibbah jabbah,” enjoy these 11… no, 12… no, 13 clips from Mr. T’s television appearances.


DVD Tuesday 6/7/10


It’s a Tuesday once again and ya’ll know the drill. We here at NerdBastards list out what came out today and recommend if ya should either BUY, RENT, or PASS on the product. We got the usual Old is New and the TV Show DVD section. Also, the debut of the LOL Release of the Week, where we’ll inform of a movie that is either a rip-off of a current popular franchise or just something really outrageous that needs to be known. Check after the jump to see what came out.


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What would you get if you put Star Wars and a few action adventure shows of the 80’s in a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer? Well, something that might not be entirely drinkable but yet all together, head exploding awesome and nutritious. What the hell am I babbling about? OK, lets say we take some clips from Star Wars, cut them together and play the theme song from the TV show MacGyver over it. Take a moment to think about what I just said. Has your head exploded yet? No? Well go ahead and check out the first video below and be prepared to clap your hands like a retard because thats exactly what some glorious bastards did. If McGuyver isn’t your fancy well then how about Dallas or Airwolf or perhaps the A-Team? (videos after the jump) I gurantee it will make you one happy nerd.

Let us tip our hats off to the unknown nerd from Star Wars the Old Republic fan site for a job well done. Thank you good sir, thank you! Now hurry up and get crack-a-lackin with the Star Wars Dukes of Hazards and Golden Girls mashups.

Macgyver opening