The Bat


In the wake of Dr. Venture’s failures, heroes arise to clean up the mess. Last week it was the unlikely team of Billy Quizboy, former henchmen Gary, and Dean. In “Venture Libre“, Hank again becomes The Bat, and proves that with properly caffeinated fuel this could be Hank’s true calling. Dean, too, may have found his true calling, but after telling his father to basically, fuck off, he’s left to discover this on his own. Mix in some heavy influence from The Island of Dr. Moreau, Guevara-like revolutionary politics, and the return Venturestein and it’s a solid second outing for The Venture Bros.‘ fifth season.

The government’s come a calling because one of their operatives in South America’s gone A.W.O.L. and the only one he’ll answer to is his father, Rusty Venture. Last seen in “¡Viva los Muertos!”, Venturestein’s since learned how to make more good diction, make bed, and kill. (Syntax not so much.) He’s also learned about Ché Guevera and his revolutionary tactics from Jorge, the little shoe boy from father teach films. Armed with such knowledge Venturestien intends to create a new nation, Abomi-Nation, where all freakish experiments can come and live in peace. With his military group, U.R.G.H., United Repressed Grotesque Humanity, Venturestein will liberate all those unfortunate souls abused by super scientists and their bad hurt science. This is all well and good until Rusty, Sgt. Hatred, and Hank – Dean in his continued rebellion chooses to sit this adventure out because he is so over this shit – are sent by General Manhowers to end Venturestein and his revolution.


Welcome to the next exciting chapter in All Things Dark Knight!  Ok, so maybe it’s the first chapter, but it’s still exciting none-the-less.  In the following paragraphs you shall experience the joy and misery of latest developments on the Batman front.  Prepare yourselves, gentle readers, to have your mind blown (or at least learn something new).

First up, a very informative interview with the composer of the amazing score for The Dark Knight Rises (as well as the first two of Nolan’s franchise), Hans Zimmer.  He and the supervising sound editor, Richard King talk about the many creative brainstorms that went into making The Dark Knight Rises more than just a trail of dialogue and visual effects.

Pretty freakin’ cool, especially if you happen to be a sound nerd.  The next portion of the round-up isn’t so cool, however, so brace yourselves for a few words of criticism about The Dark Knight Rises from former 1960s Catwoman, Julie Newmar.

In a recent interview with Yahoo’s The Yo Show (seriously guys?  you couldn’t think of a better name than that?) Newmar voiced her opinions about Nolan’s franchise.  You can witness her interview by clicking on that arrow-thingy below.

And now, a look into a bit of The Dark Knight Rises’ technology (after the bump).


Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first. A new, one-minute trailer was been released for The Dark Knight Rises, and it’s all action! Well, almost. It deals pretty directly with the fact that Bruce Wayne comes out of Bat-retirement in the film, and how Lucius Fox helps him suit up again. We also hear “The Bat” referred to by name.

Here’s the clip courtesy of Geek Tyrant

In other news, almost 50 pages of production notes about the film have been released on the Dark Knight Rises’ website. Some of the highlights include insights into the main characters, plot developments and comments on some of the film’s key scenes. Let’s give you a taste:


If The Avengers was the fun, action-packed, roller coaster of a summer blockbuster, then The Dark Knight Rises will be its gritty, still action-packed, yet dark and intense opposite. The two films are the ying and the yang of super hero movies, and as much fun as I had with The Avengers I cannot wait to get all dark and moody with The Dark Knight Rises.

Opening July 20th, Dark Knight Rises will be the grand climax of the summer movies, so let’s continue with its promotional foreplay. Today the official website launched. You can check it out at, and you really should because it’s full of videos, images, wallpapers and tons of info about the flick.

But if you want some new video right now, then watch this TV spot. It feature some new footage of the feline fatale, Catwoman, and I know you can’t say no to her.

I’m telling ya, Anne Hatheway seems just purrrr-fect for the role! And I’d like to note it took me this long to make that lame joke. Do you think her Catwoman is gonna be a highlight of the movie?

Hit the jump to learn more about Batman’s new toys as well as Bane’s mysterious device.


What is it these days with movie spoilers coming out of toy tie-ins? First we had The Lizard debuting as a PEZ dispenser, then the possibility of seeing the Red Skull in The Avengers, and now we know what Batman’s new ariel, bat-themed mode of transportation is officially called.

You ready?

It’s called…The Bat.

Does everyone else’s mind jump to Hank Venture dressed in an awful Batman costume, running through the halls of Baron Ünderbheit’s fortress in Ünderland, saying, “I am the bat.” No? Just me? Okay.

Wireless Goodness released the FCC filing, wherein three mockups of new Hot Wheels‘ products were remote-controlled toy cars from The Dark Knight Rises. The first two are the Tumbler and the Bat-pod, but the third is what us and the rest of the Internet had been calling the Batwing. Which it’s not. It’s The Bat.

And, y’know what? Hank Venture aside, it sounds pretty badass to me. What do you think of, The Bat?

Source: Splash Page