The Batman

Earlier this year, back when Ben Affleck was going to write, direct, produce and star in the next live-action Batman movie, not much was known about the details of the project, but it was revealed that Joe Manganiello was going to co-star as the main villain, Deathstroke the Terminator. All bets were off though once Affleck stepped away from the director’s chair, and Matt Reeves took over. Since then, it’s been announced that Reeves has thrown out Affleck’s script, and is going to be his own thing, which has made fans wonder if “his own thing” included Deathstroke? Well, there may now be some insight. (more…)

There were a lot of people looking forward to the goodies that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were bringing to San Diego Comic Con in the form of news clips, trailers and announcements, but a cloud was cast over the festivities, and it was one the Bat-signal almost couldn’t break through. News reports yesterday indicated that Ben Affleck might be hanging up his cape and cowl at the end of Justice League after three appearances as the Dark Knight. It’s a good thing then that Affleck was on hand at Comic Con to refute this latest rumour mongering.  (more…)

The rumor mills have been going nuts for the past few months about the original script for Warner Bros.‘ next Batman solo flick, The Batman starring Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader. Like just about every other DCEU project that came before it, the idea that major rewrites were plaguing the set has run rampant, and we finally have confirmation that a rewrite is exactly what’s happening.


Coming out of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justicethe best thing not named Wonder Woman in that film was Ben Affleck‘s return to super heroism in the titular role as the Caped Crusader. The disappointment was that the film around Affleck wasn’t able to match his dedication and enthusiasm for the role, but even the studio knew they had something good in Batfleck. But there’ve been concerns lately. Concern number one was when Affleck stepped away as the writer and director of his own Dark Knight solo film, The Batman. Concern number two though was whether or not Affleck was planning on sticking around the DCEU.  (more…)

Ever since Warner Bros. announced a solo Batman film after Batman V. Superman was released, it seems the film’s production has had nothing but trouble. First,  Ben Affleck stepped down from directing. A new director was found in Matt Reeves, but now Warner Bros. has announced that the script is apparently being rewritten from scratch. What is going on??  (more…)

Things seemingly weren’t looking good for Ben Affleck‘s solo Batman movie. First there was the fallout of Batman v Superman which was panned by critics and rocked Affleck pretty hard – #SadAffleck. Then there was the uncertainty with the script, which Affleck had repeatedly said variations of “it’s ready when it’s ready” and “I won’t do it unless it’s perfect”. With the culminating pressure of starring in, writing, and directing one of the biggest comic book licenses of all time, Affleck had made the shocking announcement that he will no longer be directing The Batman. Some fans, of course, went into a tale spin over this, thinking the project was dead, that Affleck is done with Batman, and that he’s keeping his apathy silenced until Justice League rolls out.

Well, weary not Batfleck fans. The Batman is still on. The script is good. Affleck will once again don those Bat tights. And as word would have it, a replacement director has been confirmed.  (more…)

When rumours started circulating about Ben Affleck‘s solo Batman project last year, one of the most persistent was that the film wouldn’t just feature one or two classic Batman rogues, but it would rather feature a whole bunch of them. Some supposed that the setting would be Arkham Asylum, perhaps a story where Batman would have to fight all his bad guys video game style in order to get out of the storied mental health facility alive. Of course, the only confirmed thing we know is that Joe Manganiello was going to play Deathstroke as the film’s main villain, but with Affleck out as director, what changes may come…? (more…)

Warner Bros. and the DCCU continue to double down on their choice of talent with Academy Award winning scribe Chris Terrio reportedly completing the most recent draft of The Batman. The film, which Ben Affleck stepped down as director from earlier this week but will still star in, has no official release date or clear explanation as to how the solo Bat-Film will fit into the larger Cinematic Universe.  (more…)

When he first was announced to be Batman, the Internet violently reacted to Ben Affleck. Fans thought that he was going to be the worst part of Batman v Superman. However, he turned out to the best part of the movie and gave us a very strong Batman. Although the movie wasn’t a critical hit, fans were excited for this new take on the caped crusader.



Like a yo-yo this week, we’ve been following the news about where The Batman is in terms of Warner Bros. development slate of upcoming DC Comics films. On the weekend, it looked like it was a sure thing for 2019 in taking the slot previously reserved for Justice League Part 2, but at the beginning of the week, Ben Affleck, the star and expected co-writer and director of the film, came out and said “Not so fast.” That brings us to today, and a higher authority at Warner Bros. who seemed to indicate that The Batman will be coming out sooner than any of us thought. (more…)