On paper, the trifecta of Steven Spielberg, the Walt Disney Company, and Roald Dahl was a powerful combination, but practically speaking at least one of those parts is not in the fine shape it used to be. Spielberg is a master, no question, but he’d have to reach back to Jurassic Park, maybe even Hook, to find the tools he was going to need to bring The BFG to the big screen. Could he do it? Could the man that made E.T. come back around 30 years after the fact and tell the story of another child that finds an unusual friend from another world?  (more…)


Disney has just released a new trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s latest movie The BFG. Based on the classic tale by Roald Dahl, The BFG certainly has Spielberg back in his wheelhouse where he examines the wonder of the world through the eyes of a child. The script was written by the late Melissa Mathison, the script writer for one of Spielberg’s most beloved films E.T., The BFG will be her last writing credit. Check out the trailer below. (more…)


If this isn’t family movie gold, it’s hard to imagine what would be: a Walt Disney Studios adaptation of a Roald Dahl book directed by Steven Spielberg. The BFG represents a reunion on many levels with Spielberg re-teaming with his Bridge of Spies actor, Academy Award-winner Mark Rylance; his preferred composer John Williams, who had to pass on Spies because of his work on Star Wars; and with his E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial screenwriter Melissa Mathison, who sadly passed away late last year. In the new trailer for The BFG you’ll note the distinct feeling of homecoming, a callback to vintage 80s Spielberg, with the adventure of an orphaned child into a realm of the extraordinary. (more…)

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There has literally never been a better time to be a genre fan. Sci-fi and fantasy has been a staple of the silver screen since it began but the quality and box office success had always varied tremendously. Now, however, we are swamped with the stuff, in a true golden age, and most if not all is seen as both a critical and commercial success. It can be argued that this is a very specific, 21st Century phenomenon, starting with the huge success of the Harry Potter films that began in 2001, continuing with Spider-Man (2002) and it’s sequels – which brought a certain acceptability to big screen superheroes – and then the start of the Marvel dominance with Iron Man (2008). Sure, there have been occasional misses – any Fantastic Four film for example – but genre has come to dominate a great deal of Hollywood spend and blockbuster output. Would Disney have forked out the $4bn it did for the Star Wars universe if their similar spend on Marvel in 2009 hadn’t proved a worthwhile gamble? Would DC still be building their own Cinematic Universe had the Avengers not shown the way? It’s doubtful.

A quick glance at Coming Attractions for 2016 would see your attention drawn to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool, Star Trek Beyond, Doctor Strange, reboots-of-a-sort Ghostbusters and Independence Day: Resurgence and……well, you’re a fan, you know exactly what’s coming. This is good. This is what we always wanted, for not only are most of what has come and what is to follow big-budget flicks of the sort that couldn’t be imagined only a relatively short time ago, but a lot of it is quality stuff that even the most jaded and cynical will buy a ticket for.

However, you should also cast your eye to the margins, to the smaller budgeted and promotionally-ignored films that are due your way. (more…)


The tales of Roald Dahl have thrilled kids for decades. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and James and the Giant Peach are all classics in their own right, but is the power of Dahl ready to meet the overwhelming influence of the combined efforts of Walt Disney Studios, and director Steven Spielberg? Are we? You better hope so because next summer, the Spielberg-directed, Disney-produced adaptation of The BFG will arrive in multiplexes everywhere. Since ’tis the season for teaser trailers for next year’s biggest movies, the very first look at The BFG has just been released online for your eyes to behold and wonder. (more…)