The Birds

Propaganda Posters From The Movie World


The internet once again shows me that they are amazing people out there with skills with Photoshop and ideas while my skills with MS Paint makes me look like a lint licker. recently held a contest for users to make propaganda posters from the universe of their favorite films. From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, people bust some sweet looking posters and I could totally see these around in their respected movie-verse. There are a quite a few to look at so check after the jump to see if one of your favorite movies is on there. (more…)

Hitchcock Movie Posters Re-done

thebirds2Once again, another artist shows off his awesome skill and does his own rendition of movie posters and all I can do is sit here and be jealous as all I can do is a bad rip-off drawing style of Akira Toriyama. Laz Marquez, a graphic designer, released 4 movie posters that are based from Hitchcock’s (insert penis joke, giggity) masterpieces and they are awesome. Have to admit, they are all done well and smart and would be perfect poster art to advertise Hitchcock’s movie to todays young audience. This year has been awesome for people to release their versions of stuff and once again, this just excites for the next batch of peoples rendition of art that already exist. Check after the break for the other three posters. (more…)