The Borg

According to Ain’t It Cool News (via JoBlo) there are five characters from the original Star Trek series that rebooted Star Trek screenwriter Roberto Orci says are not in Star Trek 2.

You’ll notice that the one name is conspicuously absent from the list and is Khan Noonien Singh, the potential identity of the frequently debated about villain of the upcoming sequel that’s being played by Benedict Cumberbatch. I wouldn’t take this as confirmation though because I think at this point J.J. Abrams and the gang is having fun yanking the chains of over-anxious geeks.

So here is the Orci’s list:

1. Gary Mitchell – In the original series’ second episode, “Where No Man has Gone Before,” Mitchell is introduced as the Enterprise’s navigator and an old Academy friend of Kirk’s. After being exposed to the Galactic Barrier, Mitchell begins being consumed by god-like abilities, and Kirk is eventually forced to kill him on the surface of Delta Vega. Mitchell would be a compelling character for a villain in the sequel, but the story’s already been done in the IDW comic book follow-up to Star Trek. I highly doubt that Abrams et al would have allowed IDW to roll with the story if they were saving something for the movie.

2. Charlie X  – From the episode of the same name, Charlie was a teenager who survived a transport ship crash as a 3-year-old, was stranded on an alien world, and given superpowers by disembodied aliens. The Enterprise is transporting him to relatives on a nearby world when the kid loses his $#!% and tries to take over the ship. As you may have notice, no teenage actor has been cast in Trek 2.

3. Ruk – An android from the episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” Technically, he kind of filled the sidekick role in the episode as the real antagonist was Dr. Roger Korby (former finance of Nurse Chapel), so it’s kind of heard to think this character would be the heavy in Trek 2.

4. Janice Rand – Rand was played by Grace Lee Whitney in several episodes of the original series and was a Yeoman, someone who does clerical or administrative work according to the U.S. Navy system of ranking. It would have been understandable to assume than maybe Rand had a part in the sequel because of the casting of Alice Eve, who, like Whitney back in the day, is a stacked blonde. But I guess it wasn’t met to be.

5. The Borg – Thank God! The Borg were done to death on Star Trek: Voyager and milked of any lasting villainy or conflict from their collective bad asses. Resistance, apparently, is consistently not futile. Besides, The Borg were Next Generation villains.

Source: /Film

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ABOVE: Borg: “You’ve been assimilated.” Me: “Doesn’t matter. Had sex.”  Star Trek Borg cosplayed by Dezi Desire / Photographed by John Burrage / Body paint by Cory Keys [FashionablyGeek]